Romance Novels I Have Been Reading Recently

Hey Everyone,

How are you?

So...romance novels. What do you think about them?

Honestly, for me, it is something quick to read but also enjoying a fictional strong macho man to spend your time with.

Last year I did a blog post about my guilty pleasure for romance novels and why I chose not to give a critic review of it. But I have deleted it because A. it did not make sense (I didn't have Grammarly with me at the time, so I was appalled at what I had written) and B. It was short and not enough content to explain why I chose not to review romance.

I don't know why but since I have started my blog and reviewing books on Goodreads, I never gave an opinion about the books that I have read before because I had never done it before and even though I have been blogging for about 3 years now, I am still learning every single day. And I could never give a critic opinion on Romance books, to me they are books that you wish a relationship could be like. I am perfectly ok to give a rating on Goodreads but not an actual written review. I admit that I am a hopeless romantic and wish for a man to be like the male characters in the books, who doesn't?

I have had this book on my phone for a while and I have really enjoyed it. It's about a woman who was taken away onto an island and she marries one of the local men. She tries to run away to get back to her home but her new husband is trying to convince her to stay.

I have read one of Thacker's other book After Sundown, that book was really and I have always loved the book covers of Thacker's books.

Now your entering into Cora Seton (It's not an obsession...well maybe it is)

The Heros of Chance Creek series is about four brothers who have been given an opportunity to receive their old ranch where they used to live in when they were young from their Aunt Heloise but she has given them a condition, that condition is for all to marry and have children by spring. So the eldest, Colt, creates a Wife Wanted Ad for him and his brothers. 

I have read the first three books before but not the fourth one until recently. I have never heard of a wife wanted ad before and it was something that I found interesting about reading this book but also it introduced me to reading Special Forces Romance novels. 

The Brides of Chance Creek was a new series for me and the fourth and fifth book are set to come out soon.

Basically, the synopsis goes as The General (the girl's father), he deals with soldiers who have gotten themselves into trouble and he is also trying to deal with his daughters even though he hasn't visited his home since his wife died. He assigns soldiers to his home and gets them to marry one of his daughters. It sounds weird but once you continue on in the series, you'll understand why he chose to do that.

The Cowboys of Chance Creek is a series that I have been starting to get into. I've read the first book years ago but I didn't know it was going to be part of a series. As of right now, I have the entire series on my phone and I am slowly getting into it.

The first book is about Ethan and Autumn, Ethan has been having trouble with money and taking care of his ranch after his mother and father died. His friends did a practical joke by releasing a wife wanted ad. Afterwards, you are introduced to characters who will have their own storyline. Also, I really like the new art covers for the series.

I have recently gotten interested in Scottish Romance and this is the first series that got me interested.

This trilogy follows three brothers who are trying to deal with new threats towards their clan while trying to form a bigger union with another. I really enjoyed this series and I really like how the female leads were able to prove to the men how capable they are not just innocent, scared girls.

I have read books by Maya Banks before and I might delve back into her books again if I feel like it.

Sometimes I always feel a little claustrophobic when is comes to reading a book that you feel that it's not working and you need a little jolt to get back to that book. For me, it's romance novels, I know I can read them quickly and just enjoy something without being confused with the plot.

I hope you are having a lovely day 



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