Life Update, Sorry that I have been absent

Hey Everyone,

How are you?

I'm good, finally happy to have time off from work. I have been taking extra shifts at work last week and whenever I got home I was always tired and distracted to even do a blog post or even read much. I know that there are two weeks left until the end of the month and I highly doubt I will complete another book this month.

Currently Reading

I am currently reading The White Queen by Philippa Gregory. A couple of months ago I saw the trailer for The White Princess TV show and I found out about the first season The White Queen. I downloaded it on iTunes and I've watched the entire season, including The White Princess. So I decided to purchase the book and start reading it. I am about halfway through the book and I am reading it quite slowly, not intentional but I am reading a couple of chapters a day.


If you have been following my previous life updates, I recently have gotten myself a new job. Comparing to my previous job and my current job is that I am doing something. Before I worked in retail for three and a half years and it became very repetitive every single day and I needed something new and interesting to do. I currently work in a cafe, I work about 32 hours a week and I work with a team, I am on my feet most of the time which explains why I have been reading less this month. I think the only time I get to read my books is on the bus and sometimes before bed.

I think the only minor factor about this job is the distance, during weekdays and Saturday I am able to get a bus to work but Sunday is the day that I find most difficult getting to work, I sometimes get a lift into work and back home which is convenient but sometimes my shifts don't match up to his shifts which leave me asking my Dad for a lift. I have walked home and walked to work, twice, I think walking to work seemed quicker than it did when I went home. I have considered cycling to work but I am unsure if I could do it that's the thing.


So, I have been very distracted recently. I have been wanting to watch something new and thank god for Netflix. I have been watching That 70's show, I have reached to season 6 and I am enjoying it. I have also seen American Gods which is AMAZING and I highly recommend you watch it, te show is based off the book by Neil Gaiman who is considered as a popular fantasy author and after seeing American Gods, I am intrigued to pick up the book.

Current Mood

Right now I am feeling that I have a lot of things to do and not enough time to fit them in. I have been feeling unmotivated to read and the fact that I have so many books unread makes me want to pick them all and read them immediately. I think the reason I have been unmotivated to read is that of the choices of books that I have been reading. I have also been feeling unmotivated to update my Bullet Journal, I think the only things that I have been doing in there is making many colleage pages, which if you are interested in seeing them I would love to do a blog post about it.

I hope you are having a lovely day, the weather where I am has been amazing and I actually pulled out my mini fan that I got in Thailand. I've had a couple days off from work and I have been trying to get back into reading. 



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