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If you have seen my previous blog post, I have created my very own book tag. I mixed and mashed the playlist tag and included the elements of One Tree Hill.

If you want to see the entire blog post with the questions and descriptions, click here.

So this blog post is me answering the questions to the tag. There might be some spoilers, if you haven't read the book I am mentioning, sorry.

1. I Don't Wanna Be - Gavin Degraw: A book/series that centres on family

We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirley Jackson

Even though is a horror novel, it does centre around family.

2. Linoleum - NOFX: Your favourite scene in a book/series where the main characters meet.

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons

Tatiana and Alexander's first meet was on a bus and how they sat on the bus refusing to get off, just to get a small glimpse of each other. I cannot stop smiling about it because it was so cute.

3. Stay Away - The Honorary Title: A book /series that has a complicated love triangle.

Anita Blake in the Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton

I read the Anita Blake series years ago when I was in college and I think I gave up reading them because of the many relationships Anita was entangled with. I never owned the books, I got them from the local library.

4. Wish You Were - Kate Voegele: A book that you wish there was more

Sin Easter's Daughter by Melissa Salisbury

I read the book a couple of years ago but I decided to get rid of the book because I was a little disappointed.  I wish that this book could have been better, the premise is great but the execution throughout the book needed more work.

5. Belief - Gavin Degraw: A book/series that defines you a book lover

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

I started to enjoy reading when I was 11 but I think what made me become a lover of books was 3 years later and it was because of this book. Just Listen was the first book I picked up from Sarah Dessen, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I started to enjoy reading it, I remember getting my own copy of Just Listen and also picking up many of Dessen's other works.

6. Dare You To Move - Switchfoot: Your Favourite Kiss Scene in a book/series

Lila Bard and Kell in A Gathering of Shadows by V. E. Schwab

Their kiss scene still makes me happy, one of the reasons why I loved it was because it was a long wait for them to be reunited and to have a passionate kiss in the garden was just the icing on the cake.

7. Something That I Want - Grace Potter: A book/series that is fun to read

Anything by Katie Fforde

I am a huge sucker for Chick Lit and Katie Fforde has been a long time companion. I try to re-read some of her books that I haven't read in a long time.

8. Sugar, We're Goin Down - Fall Out Boy: A Character in a relationship with someone in a band

Georgia Nicolson from The Confession of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison

I want to clarify, as much as I love this series the only character that I wished Georgia would date would have to be Masimo, I preferred Robbie even though she and Robie were only together for about half of the series. I didn't really see the appeal in Masimo when I was ultimately shipping Georgia with Dave The Laugh.

9. Feel This - Bethany Joy Lenz: A book/series that you are currently loving

Howl, Kaddish and Other Poems by Allen Ginsberg

I just recently finished this book a couple of days ago but it is soo good. I will be writing up a review soon.

10. Light Up The Sky - Yellowcard: A Series that has developed in the first book.

Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J Maas

Comparing from then the series started and how it has ultimately reached, you can tell that Sarah J Maas has developed her writing exceedingly since the first book. I think when I first started this series, I was only following the hype and I had no knowledge of the series itself but from reading the books you can tell how much detail Maas has created and expanded the series to make it exciting and thrilling but also unexpected.

11. Here Comes A Regular - The Replacements: A Character's death that was short lived

King Maxim and Queen Emira Maesh from A Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy by V. E. Schwab

*Spoilers* These two characters were ones you didn't get to know until the last minute. I feel after reading the entire series it would have been a lot more interesting to get to know them a lot more before A Conjuring of Light.

12. I Will Always Love You - The Cure: Your favourite declaration of love in a book/series

Margaret Hale and John Thornton from North and South

Margaret and John are both stubborn and find it difficult to accept change, but when John opened up his feelings to Margaret the first time, Margaret didn't believe him.

13. Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez: A highlight victory in a book/series + Your favourite ship finally together

  1. Game of Thrones - Battle of the Bastards

I love watching Game of Thrones and I am looking forward to the final season but this battle in Season 6 was amazing. I love the victorious moment when Jon and Ramsey fight at Winterfell.

  2. Diana and Matthew from the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness

I had to think really hard to find a good ship that I enjoy the build up and I remember always loving the build up of Diana and Matthew's relationship in A Discovery of Witches. It wasn't forced or love at first sight, I enjoyed the growth of their relationship.

14. Baba O'Reiley - The Who: Your favourite bookstagram accounts

15. Someday - Bryan Greenberg: A book that you have tried multiple times to read but put down.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis

I got this book for Christmas years ago and I have only read The Magician's Nephew. I tried to read the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe years ago but I think the reason why I stopped reading it was because I had seen the movie so many times that I know what's about to happen. But I vow to pick it up soon, someday.

And that concludes the One Tree Hill Playlist Book Tag, I had so much fun making this and I had so much fun participating. If you are interested in participating, I will gladly pass on the baton to you I would also love to see your answers to these questions, you can let me know on Instagram or on Twitter,  I'me looking forward to it 💓

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