My NEW Bullet Jourrnal

Hey Everyone,

So back in the middle of December, I made a blog post about my Bullet Journal (see here). In the month of February, I ended up not liking what I have put into my Bullet Journal and scrapped it.

This is my NEW Bullet Journal.

I got this book on Amazon, it's a Leuchtturm 1917 which is what I originally wanted and it is also the dotted paper, which is the kind that all the other Bullet Journalers use and it is so much easier.


During my previous BuJo, I had so many ideas for my pages that I was already half way into the BuJo and it was already the second month of the year. During the month of February, I was watching Kara (BohoBerry) daily bujo vlogs and I got addicted to wanting them in my Bujo.

You can get many ideas for your pages if you look at Pinterest or on other Bullet Journaling videos. One of the things that I wanted to do was have an expense tracker, I have a habit of buying things that I want but don't necessarily need i.e books.

If you want any bookish pages for your Bullet Journal, I have a TBR pages which is a list of books that I haven't read and once I read them I can colour out the box. You can also track how many books purchased every month, you can also track how many books you have read or include your reading challenge etc.

It is basically yours to however you want it to be. Be as creative as you want.

(That's a lot of books, even though there is more on the other page 😕)


I love using my Zebra Midliner Highlighters but I suddenly wanted to get the Tombow Dual Brush Pens, I got them on Amazon (of course), I picked the pastel collections and I am in love with them.


Stickers are a new inclusion in my BuJo. I discovered Jen, Myriad Inklings/Papermacco, while I was looking at videos on how people set up their pages in their Bullet Journal. I found her Etsy shop and picked out a couple of themes that I enjoyed the most.

I also got stickers from Boho Berry, I knew she had a sticker shop and I wanted to get the mandala stickers, and I also purchased a couple other stickers as well.

Habit Tracker

I wanted to use a Habit Tracker in my new Bullet Journal but in the month of January, I wasn't able to keep up to date. But in the month of March, I was able to keep up to date, I never understood the reason for a habit tracker but during the month it was a lot more enjoyable to look back on the days and how to get better in the next month.

I also have a sleep tracker, I thought it would be a nice inclusion to my Bujo and throughout March it was a lot of fun.And I have a tracker for all the TV shows that I am currently watching, sometimes I forget where I left off and it's a good way to look in my Bujo if I have missed any episodes and catch-up on it if I have time.

Mood Mandala

Mood Mandala was a new inclusion in my Bullet Journal. Kara (Boho Berry, again) was updating her Mood Mandala in her Feb vlogs and I enjoyed watching it. She's even made a speed up video of her making the Mandala. I enjoyed my March Mandala, a lot of colours and I reused patterns so many times because I ran out of ideas.

(April Mood Mandala)

(March Mood Mandala)

Other Ideas and Suggestions

This is basically a book however you want it to be, it doesn't have to be fancy or colourful or boring. It can be however you want it to be. For me, I like to use colour in my Bujo because I don't like it to be plain and boring, I also like using pictures in my BuJo, it's a recent thing and it is mainly because of Myriad Inklings. I have collected quite a lot of pictures from Pinterest and cut them up to be put in my Bujo. If you are an artist, you can use it as an art book as well as a planner. Or if you like to write about favourite moments about your day, you can.

If you want to get into Bullet Journaling, I would definitely check out on Youtube and Pinterest. There are so many people with different ideas and it 's a good way to look around and see what interests you. If you are a bookish person, like myself I would go and follow Booktubers who do Bullet Journaling on Youtube, they have created some amazing spreads in their Bujo that I want to include into mine.

I enjoy putting entries in my Bullet Journal and I enjoy planning it out and trying to perfect my hand lettering. It's fun! Have something productive at the end of the day.

See you soon



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