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Villette by Charlotte Bronte

'That evening more firmly than ever fastened into my soul the conviction that Fate was of stone, and Hope a false idol - blind, bloodless, and of granite core. I felt, too, that the trial God had appointed me was gaining its climax, and must now be turned by my own hands, hot, feeble, trembling as they were' 

With neither friends nor family, Lucy Snowe sets sail from England to find employment in a girls' boarding school in the small town of Villette.

There she struggles to retain her self- possession in the face of unruly pupils, an initially suspicious headmaster and her own complex feelings, first for the school's English doctor and then for the dictatorial professor Paul Emmanuel. Drawing on her own deeply unhappy experiences as a governess in Brussels, Charlotte Brontë's last and most autobiographical novel is a powerfully moving study of isolation and the pain of unrequited love, narrated by a heroine determined to preserve an independent spirit in the face of adverse circumstances.

First Published: 1853

Published Edition: October 2012
Publisher: Penguin English Library 

Pages: 616

Goodreads Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


When I received the book in the post, I immediately started reading it. I had no expectations for this book and yet I still struggled to read this. 

Lucy Snowe was a very determined girl who wished to be kept to herself, throughout the book, she is often left to herself and is haunted by her feelings towards two different men. I honestly wished that Lucy could open up her feelings towards either two men because it was annoying that she didn't do something.

I honestly didn't enjoy this book and it was because I am not fluent in French. Villette is a small town in France so obviously, there is going to be conversations in this book and while I was reading it, I struggled because I kept flipping to the Notes page at the back of the book to understand what this person said. I found it difficult to carry on with this book because of the constant flipping back and forth to understand conversations Lucy has with people.

I gave it 3 stars because while I struggled to read this book, there are some parts of the book that I enjoyed but I honestly felt it was clunky at times because it was all over the place. It might be because of the edition I own or maybe while I was reading this, I was more interested in reading other books than this one. I'll pick it up in the next 5 years or so if I want to give a second chance on it but right now I'm not in the mood.

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