Book Haul No. 21

Hey Everyone,

How are you?

Last week I had a week off from work and my first shift back was the 1st of March, so I had an extra couple days off. I don't genuinely talk about work, mostly it is because there isn't much to talk about. But recently I had my hours cut, I didn't get into trouble if you were thinking about it, but it is because they wanted the hours. I work in the Stockroom of a retail store in my hometown, but I also had hours on the shop floor although I ended up doing something else instead.

I also got myself a new Bullet Journal, I wasn't enjoying my previous one and decided to get a new one and start fresh. I have been watching Boho Berry's One Month Bullet Journaling videos on Youtube (First video here) and I became obsessed with it. Once I am satisfied with my Bullet Journal I will give an in-depth look at my Bullet Journal.

So instead of talking about what has been going on and move onto the books.

I have 8 to share with you...

Endagine Aerie by Bluette Matthey

I received an email in the month of February by Matthey, requesting if I would be interested in reading her new book that is coming out in April. It is in a series but I was already reassured that even though the book is in the series but it's in a standard Standalone, much like Nancy Drew. The main protagonist is Hardy Durkin who is a travelling detective. I am intrigued to pick this book.

Justice League Dark 

I finished Vol 4 in January (although I haven't done a review for it because I'm doing it as a whole) I am loving this series and recently DC released a Justice League Dark movie, which was amazing and there will be a live action movie set in motion that I believe is coming out next year. 

After reading one book by Shirley Jackson, I have been tempted to purchase all of her books. This book is a collection of essays that Jackson had written, so far on Goodreads there are a lot of positive reviews.

I saw a book review on Instagram and I have been in the mood to pick up a chick lit book. Surprisingly I follow the author on Instagram and Snapchat and I was unaware that she is a published author. 

This is about a woman who married her high school sweetheart and the man that she loved went missing. Years after she is engaged to another man only to discover that her husband has been found. And now she has to decide which man to be with the rest of her life. 

I have been watching Carrie Hope Fletcher's videos for years. I think the first video I saw was the British Tea Tag and the reason why I was drawn to this video was because of her books. I would consider Carrie as part Booktuber and part Musical Actress. Ever since I heard that Carrie announced about her book I have been very excited, the reason I didn't get the book sooner was because I wanted the paperback more than the hardback. 

This book is about a woman who passes away only to go back to her yourself and to free her soul from the burdens that are keeping her away from heaven. 

I have been seeing this book everytime I am in Waterstones. I always pick it up, consider buying it and then putting it back on the shelf. Just from reading the blurb it made me intrigue to pick it up. 

This book is about women who are in search for Mr Right. 

The sole reason for me to walk into Waterstones last week. (Cue Angel music)

I read A Gathering of Shadows about two weeks ago and with that ending 💔. After trying to fathom over the ending, I knew immediately that I needed to get this book. 

This book is about a character who has the ability to travel to different worlds. He colour codes each world and has a close connection to the royal family in each world. 

I started the book on Monday and I am already half way in which is startling for me. Reading wise has been quite slow and I am glad to have picked this book up right now.

And that concludes my book haul.

I hope you enjoyed it, What books did you get in the last couple of weeks? and What are you currently reading?

I hope you are having a lovely day



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