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this modern love by Will Darbyshire

This Modern Love is a unique crowdsourced book of letters, stories, and photographs about the state of modern romance by YouTuber Will Darbyshire.

‘Question 1. What would you say to your ex, without judgement?’

Seeking closure after a tough break-up, Will Darbyshire was driven to strike up an intimate conversation with his online audience. Posting a series of questions via his YouTube, Twitter and Instagram channels, Will asked his followers to share their innermost thoughts about their relationship experiences, in the form of hand-written letters, poems, photographs, and emails.

After 6 months and over 15,000 heartfelt submissions later, from over 100 countries, This Modern Love collects these letters together to form a compendium of 21st-century love, structured into the beginning, middle and end of a relationship.

Tender, funny and cathartic, This Modern Love is a compelling portrait of individual desires, resentments and fears that remind us that, whether we're in or out of love, we're not alone.

Published: August 2016

Publishers: Century

Pages: 224

Goodreads Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


How this all started... video

I have been reading this book a few times, I didn't want to read it immediately. I liked how the book was sectioned from the beginning of the relationship, to being in a relationship and to the end of a relationship.

I have been a fan of Will's work for years, he has such a talent in his videos and pictures, and I was very excited to hear about his book being released.

All the letters are sweet and romantic while others are heartbreaking. This book is an emotion itself, filled with happiness and sadness.

A few favourite letters:

“Maintaining a successful relationship is a great accomplishment; two people are able to work in harmony and that is something to be proud of. For” 

“Dear You,

You’re so beautiful. Your smile, your eyes, your lips, your hands, everything. Did you know that you play in my mind like one of my favourite song lyrics, you sting my heart like after eating a bowl of hot soup. You know me but I don’t think you see me, I see you for one, I see you like no other, I see you so often your image never leaves the remains of my brain. I wish you see me, I wish you remembered me. I wish that you could see me the way I see you. I see you for you and that is the you that I love, but please can you see me too.” 

“Dear Mr Future Crush,

Right now you are frustratingly just a figment of my imagination, something I daydream about in times of loneliness or boredom.

Before going to sleep I idly wonder what you’re going to be like, however that’s like trying to imagine a new colour.

So instead you take the form of a happy song, the smell of a cologne, the hero in a novel.

You’re a collage of all my happy moments and a sense of comfort during the sad ones.

It’s silly I know – even though we’ve never met I can’t help but feel a strange sense of longing and hope.

All I know is that whoever you are, you’re going to be amazing.

(Perhaps one day) yours,

P.S. You better like pizza.” 

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