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Miss Marple's Final Cases by Agatha Christie

A collection of Miss Marple mysteries, plus some bonus short stories...First, the mystery man in the church with a bullet-wound...then, the riddle of a dead man's buried treasure...the curious conduct of a caretaker after a fatal riding accident...the corpse and a tape-measure...the girl framed for theft...and the suspect accused of stabbing his wife with a dagger. Six gripping cases with one thing in common - the astonishing deductive powers of Miss Marple. Also, includes two non-Marple mysteries, 'The Dressmaker's Doll' and 'In a Glass Darkly'

Published: October 1979
Published Edition: 2002
Publishers: Harper Collins
Page Count: 240

Goodreads Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


I got this book months ago and I had been reluctant to pick it up. After reading Murder on the Orient Express (Book review here), I wasn't sure if I wanted to jump back into Agatha Christie but after reading this book my opinion has definitely changed.

This is a collection of short stories of when Miss Marple is asked to solve the crime, I found it to be easy to read because each mystery was short. You don't get the development of crime and the investigation which is something. I enjoyed it, I read this book a lot more quicker than Murder on the Orient Express.

The two short stories that are included in this book, The Dressmaker's Doll and In a Glass Darkly, even though they are included in the book but are not part of Miss Marple mysteries, they were both dark and haunting. I was surprised that Agatha Christie could write something like it.

I do recommend this book to anyone, I think that this book could help you get into reading Agatha Christie as each murder mystery is short.

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