I Love Stationary

Hey Everyone,

I think the title of this blog post speaks for itself.

I have been obsessed with my Bullet Journal recently and I have been watching too many Bullet Journal videos on Youtube, and I have been finding different ways to make my Bullet Journal look more colourful and artsy.

With the fact I want a nice colourful Bullet Journal, I need items to help me with that. So this is my huge haul of pens that I use for my Bullet Journal.

Brush pens

I am always jealous of people who have artistic talent, I am adequate. I love the technique of a paint brush and I wanted to get some for myself.

These are the MozArt Brush Pens, I got them on Amazon a couple of months ago. I don't use these pens a lot in my BuJo but I do use it when I am colouring or hand lettering if I can perfect it.

Midliner Pens

I have just recently received these pens a couple of days ago. I have been seeing a lot of these pens on Instagram and I immediately have been wanting them.

I ordered these on Amazon and it took a while for it to arrive as they came from China, even though they are Japanese.

The pens are two sided, One side is the bold tip end which are the ones you can see in the photos, they are very much like a highlighter. And on the other side is fine tip that is close to a colouring pen. I love the colours so much and I enjoy using them in my BuJo

Washi Tape

Ever since I started my Bullet Journal last year, I was heavily obsessed with using Washi Tape, I have to say that the best place to get decent Washi Tape is Paperchase. Paperchase has such a variety of Washi Tapes, most of mine are from Paperchase. I did get a few on Amazon but I prefer the quality of the Washi Tapes from Paperchase.

And those are the only things that I love using lately. If you have a Bullet Journal or you are going to start one I highly suggest. There are so many videos on Youtube and you can get your inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest.

Hope you are having a lovely day 

See you soon



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