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Hey, Everyone!

Long time no see

I am sorry that I have been gone for a while. After my Gilmore Week and my review of each of the episodes, I needed a break from blogging for a while but I am back and ready to blog some more.

While I was gone from blogging I had a bit of a change around in terms of reading. I wasn't reading as much as I had hoped in the month of November and I felt that the remainder of the year will be just the same. So far reading has been alright, I even have been listening to audiobooks on Audible which is a change to listening to music on the bus.

Anyway moving on from books and onto my Bullet Journal.

I discovered Bullet Journaling during the month of January this year. A book blogger that I follow did a blog post about her getting int Bullet Journaling and I thought I would give it a try.

If you are ever interested in Bullet Journaling, I highly recommend it and also you can find any tips from Youtube and Pinterest which is where I found inspiration from.

Now to be honest my current Bullet Journal is not that great. It's tacky and I have made so many mistakes that I refuse to open it out in front of colleagues. I am currently using my Batman notebook which has been my companion all year and now I feel a little sad to be apart from the book 😭

So I am introducing you my new Bullet Journal for 2017.

It's a Moleskine squared paper book that I got from Waterstones. I specifically chose squared paper because I feel it's much easier to plan out my pages and also neat my handwriting.

A Key and an Index are very important when it comes to your Bullet Journal. The key is to guide out tasks that you need to do and you can also add your own key symbols for things that you need to do. The index is a great way to track down where everything goes. 

So this is a monthly log that's in the original Bullet Journal design. It's just to note down important information for the month, like for example my dentist appointment from the 31st to the 26th. (Although I really hate that crossed line). On the right is my Habit Tracker, I have not done a habit tracker so I hope I will keep it up to date in the month of January. 

So this is the format that I chose to do in my Bullet Journal. In my current Bullet Journal, I had struggled to keep to the same format for every single month, it was scruffy and lazy. I saw this format on Pinterest and, I don't do a lot of tasks to do for myself, it looked much easier to shorten the page. I have included TV shows that I am watching or expecting to return for the Winter premiere. 

I like to include quotes pages in my Journal and I like to find book quotes or quotes said in books. I recently bought brush pens on Amazon for colouring and I love using them. I also have a Korean Drama page for listing out the ones that I will be watching in 2017. 

Of course, I would include My TBR in my Bullet Journal. In my current one, I drew a bookshelf with books making it fun but from a time I ended up crossing books out and making mistakes which are why I chose to list it out and colouring in the circles in my new Bullet Journal. 

I hope you enjoyed looking into my new Bullet Journal. If you want to know how to design and make your own Bullet Journal there is already a community on Youtube that does that sort of thing. 

Channels you should check out:
Bullet Journal, Original creator (Channel here)
Boho Berry (Channel here)
Rachel EL (Channel here)
Planner Holics (Channel here)

Hope you are having a lovely day

See you soon



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