The Gilmore Girls Tag (Day 7)

Hi, Everyone!

Yes!! It's finally here! Gilmore Girls comes back tonight!! I am very excited about the show coming back. I have already got snacks and coffee to go along while I am watching it. And also I will be on Instagram if you want to see me watch the show.

So as you can see in the title, ANOTHER TAG, but this time it isn't a book tag it is just a bunch of questions to answer. This was created by Simply Abby (Video here) I saw this on Dana's channel, The Book Hoarder (Video here)

Basic Questions

How did you discover the show?
 I watched the show when it was on Nickelodeon in the UK, it was only the first three seasons but I remember the episode when Lane's band played and Jess and Dean got into a fight over Rory. But then the show came on to E4 and myself and my sister would watch it when we got home from school.
Do you own the collection?
 Yes, I do. I got the collection when I was in College, I discovered them in HMV and immediately bought it.
Favourite Season?
 Season 4. When Rory starts Yale, Lorelai and Sookie starting up the Dragonfly Inn but also Lorelai and Luke finally kiss at the end of the season. Oh! and Jess telling Rory that he loved her 💕
Least Favourite Season?
 Season 6. I know that many people picked Season 7 because it didn't have Amy Sherman-Palladino but I was ok with Season 7 it was just Season 6 I didn't enjoy.  It was mostly because Rory quit Yale, living with Emily and Richard, Rory's relationship with Logan was on and off and finally the breakup between Lorelai and Luke.
Favourite Episode
 Season 4 finale, when the Dragonfly Inn officially opens, Lorelai and Luke finally kiss, Kirk's nightmares of being attack by assassins and Rory falling back to Dean.

Luke's Diner Dash (Lightning Round)

Favourite Character?
Least Favourite Character?
Dave or Zack?
Luke or Christopher?
Dean or Jess?
Lorelai or Rory?


Do you think Lorelai over-reacts with her parents?
 Yes, sometimes.
Do you think Emily and Richard over-reacts with Lorelai?
 Yes, they both over-react with one another.
In the big fight that Rory and Lorelai had, who's side are you on?
 Definity Lorelai.
In a fight between Taylor and Mrs Kim who would win?
 Mrs Kim
Who would spread the fastest rumour, Babette or Miss Patty?
 Miss Patty
How much do you dislike April?
 I don't dislike her, she just came in at the wrong time I think.

Revival Round

How excited for the revival are you?
 Very Excited!
If you could have dinner with any cast member, who would it be? and What kind of questions would you ask them?
 I would love to meet Keiko Agena who plays Lane, I think she would be fun to hang out and I want to ask her about her particular favourite albums that she listens to them  because Lane was such a huge music lover, so I am betting that the influence playing Lane she would be knowledgeable as to what you should or should not listen to.
How do you want it to end?
 I want the show to end happily, like Luke and Lorelai happy together maybe having a kid of their own. I want Rory to continue to pursue in her career of being a journalist but also I want her to have that happy ending like Luke and Lorelai. I would love it if Kirk and Lulu live together and have their own children.

And that concludes the final day of the Gilmore Girls Week. Thank you if you have been following along this past week or if you've stopped over a couple of times. I have had so much fun doing this and doing this all week has me considering on blogging more. I've had a lot of fun and I hope you did too. Enjoy the show, if you're watching it tonight.

Now I must leave the house and buy as much food for tonight, It must be sugary and sickening for my stomach.

Hope you are having a lovely day

See you soon



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