Stars Hollow Candle Review (Day 4)

Hi, Everyone!

I am a candle lover and recently been getting my candles on Etsy, mostly it is because they are bookish themed but also they are soy candles which burn well and have such a unique smell. I saw a blog post that someone did about her favourite bookish candles which I enjoyed reading and thought that I would like to do one.

This candle is called Stars Hollow from the Etsy shop In The Wick Of Time, I have purchased some candles before from this shop before and really adore it.

Since the shop is in the US, the shipping could take a while for it to arrive at your house if you live outside the country. The first time I ordered from that shop I had to pay for Customs because I ordered two candles but I ordered Stars Hollow by itself and I didn't have to go to the Post Office to pick it up.

The scent described on the website is maple leaves, apples, toasted marshmallows and fall spices. From what I can smell on my candle, the fall spices sort of overpower the whole candle but it does have an Autumn feeling scent, it's very fragrant and earthy, and it has a sweetness in the candle.

It's about £13.74 for the candle itself but with shipping to the UK, it's £18.73 which I have to say is a bit steep but it delivers to your house very quickly. The shipping took about a 2 weeks for it to arrive at my house, but they don't ship your item immediately after purchase. I remember ordering this candle at the end of  September and received the candle at the end of October.

It is a great candle and I do recommend you take a look at Kaylan's shop.

That concludes Day 4.

Hope you are having a lovely day

See you soon



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