Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life - Summer - Review

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We have reached Summer and things are definitely are heating up in the lives of the Gilmore Girls.

Third Episode - Summer


The show starts off with everyone in town happy that Rory has moved back while Rory denies that she is back. There is also the 30s crowd who are pretty much in the same boat as Rory but she doesn't want to be part of it, understandable. The news that the Stars Hollow Gazette is shutting down because the current Editor decided to retire and Rory isn't pleased with the idea and requests to take over the Gazette. Rory tries to change things in the newspaper which everyone doesn't like but the scene where Rory and Lorelai deliver every single newspaper throughout the town is hilarious, with the constant banter over which side is East and West. But a startling surprise is Lane working at Kim's Antiques, huh go figure.

Lorelai is feeling left out when Michael wants to leave the Dragonfly Inn, which is very sad and the talks of expanding the Inn isn't what Lorelai wants. I really liked the secret bar Shhhh that the entire town has created behind Taylor is hilarious and when he ever walks by someone shouts "Five-O" and everyone grabs a table and chair and lean across the wall in the dark and wait until Taylor has moved along typical Stars Hollow Fashion.

Taylor has also organised a Stars Hollow Musical which everyone is excited for but while they are watching the rehearsal, Lorelai doesn't agree with everything but you also get a guest cameo from Sutton Foster who did Bunheads with Kelly Bishop a couple of years ago. I honestly felt the Musical was a bit too long I had hoped it ould be shorter and move along but nope, that didn't happen. Taylor tries a new song for the musical and Lorelai goes to see it and has an epiphany, she goes to tell Luke that she is going to do Wild, the book not the movie.

Jess appears back for a short scene, but to me, it was enough, he returns to the town to help Luke to get Liz and Tj out of the Vegetable cult.  He goes to visit Rory at the Gazette and she tells him that she is struggling career wise and he gives her idea to write a book, about her and Lorelai. Which if you think about it, the story would be a perfect idea to do but when Rory talks about it to Lorelai she isn't too excited to have her story written out for strangers to read. I also want to mention that I loved the reunion scene between Luke and Jess, they hug and Jess grabs Luke's baseball cap and tosses it out onto the street, I miss them two together.

I hate to admit this but this episode is not my favourite compared to the others. As I said about the musical, I didn't think it was necessary for the show. I honestly felt that things weren't going the way both girls wanted their life to be and with Rory realising that her relationship with Logan isn't a relationship and decide to break it off with him for good honestly felt good for her.

I would give this episode a 3.5 star out of 5. 

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