Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life - Spring - Review

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You have reached to the second episode. If you have already gone through the first packet of Milk Duds, I suggest you go out and buy more because we are going through the nitty gritty of the show. So let's get started before you've finished that bowl of popcorn.

Second episode - Spring


The show starts off with Lorelai and Emily in therapy, they are both not talking about anything. All three women (therapist included) sit in the room for an hour in silence.  They both struggle to find anything to talk about but with the dismay from Lorelai, Emily asks the therapist on her opinion of a 16-year old girl getting pregnant and leaving the house with the little girl. It shows that Emily wished to have been included in the upbringing of Rory's life. And also mentioning a letter that Lorelai had no idea what Emily was talking about which also lead to Lorelai walking out of the session angry and hurt.

Rory is breaking down career wise. She has been hounded by a CEO of a different version of Buzzfeed only to get rejected, she tries to write a piece on Lines, by lines I mean people waiting in line for anything, with the company of her mother and the funny thing of all is Lorelai actually getting some of the goods before the people waiting in line which was very funny. There was also a cameo from Mae Whitman who played Lauren Graham's daughter on the show Parenthood that she did, which I have yet to watch. While Rory decides to continue on with the article by herself, she returns to the hotel room telling Lorelai that she slept with a Wookie (Which was soo funny)  and they both have a conversation over having one night stands and Rory telling Lorelai that she has been seeing Logan while she has been in London. Which by the end of the episode Rory decides to go back to Stars Hollow and have one house to stay which is Lorelai's.

Rory and Paris visit Chilton and talk to the students about her time at school and in Paris Fashion, she would talk non-stop and made everyone cry. But the shock of all was Paris seeing Tristan and admitting that she still has feelings for him. She has a meltdown in the girl's bathroom. Paris's marriage with Doyle is over and she has two kids to take care of as well as the Nanny.

We get a glimpse of Hep Alien who have moved into Sookie and Jackson's old place which surprised me the most. They still play as always but also Zack has been promoted in his new job which he also has to wear a tie.

There is the Spring festival with booths of food from all other the country only some the countries couldn't make it, so Taylor and Kirk try a fix that by adding flags to booths. You get a small scene with Mrs Kim when she has gone new Christians from Korea living with her but also the funniest thing of all is Mr Kim finally appearing.

I have to say that this episode was better than Winter, this one has the factor to make things bad to almost good. I would give the show a 4 out of five stars, it was a great episode. I also have to mention the black and white movie theatre about bring food from outside and you see Babette and Marty bringing in their own grill, and also in Richard's Will he had some money separate for Luke if he ever wanted to expand Luke's Diner, which is a great idea but not an option for Luke.

There was a lot that happened in this episode than I thought it did. 

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