Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life - Fall - Review

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We have finally reached to the final episode and bring on the tears.

Fourth and Final Episode - Fall


So we see Lorelai doing Wild, the book, not the movie, she tries to go off to the hike only to be turned because she doesn't have a permit but there was also two cameos from Lauren Graham's Parenthood co-stars, one being Peter Krause who was Lauren's brother on the show but in real life they are a couple and Jason Ritter who was a love interest in Parenthood for Lauren. Even though she was unable to hike she decides to drive off somewhere and get coffee, of course, and while she is searching for coffee and can't find it she walks around the back of the store and starts walking. She reaches to the top of somewhere and seeing the view, she remembers something and calls Emily. She tells her a story of how she got dumped by a guy and got so embarrassed that she ditched school and was walking around the mall, while she was starving and upset Richard finds her unexpectedly. She cries in the mall and he buys her a pretzel and they go and to the movies, a movie for her and for him. This scene made me cry so much because it gave a small moment for Lorelai to grieve and remember a happy moment about her father. She returns back to Stars Hollow, to Luke and explains about how she realised something and all the while Luke is thinking that they are going to break up, but it is the opposite. Lorelai tells Luke that she wants to get married that they will get married in two weeks and everything is good.

Rory walks to the Gazette and along the way weird things start happening and it all leads up to discovering three guys dressed up all Steampunk clothing with Gorilla masks on, only to discover underneath is Colin, Finn and Robert. And with Logan in tow they all have a wild night playing golf on the rooftops, driving to a tango bar and Colin even buying the bar. They end up in an Inn where Rory has to say goodbye to all of them, it's very sad when she hugs them for the final and I did find it funny when she tells Finn that he is her favourite, and leaving to last is her final farewell to Logan. It's sad that they broke up but with Logan's family responsibility and Rory being who she is, she doesn't want to get in the way of it. Rory needs a writing to start off her book and the only place that would be perfect in the Gilmore House, while she is walking around the house, all the memories of being there come to life and as she walks to Richards Study, you see him sitting at his desk. I think symbolises a farewell to the house and also Richard. She shares the first three chapters to Lorelai and while Lorelai said she won't read it until it finishes but suggests to change the title to "The Gilmore Girls" to "Gilmore Girls".

Now, I completely forgot about Emily. Emily has left the DAR which is good because she isn't the same as she was since Richard died. She moves to Nantucket with the whole of the maid's family and she is selling the Gilmore House. It's like a chapter is ending for Emily, which is good for her, she is able to find a way to be happy after Richard. I wished to have seen more of Emily throughout the entire show, her scenes were limited but the things I enjoyed the most was, was that she is happy with her maid because usually, she would've gotten rid of the maid in an hour if she was her old self but she was able to accept it and be happy with the way things happen, which is good for her.

The wedding was great, even though Kirk thought he ruined it. It was magical and colourful and absolutely perfect for Luke and Lorelai. Dean comes back to Stars Hollow to see his parents, he's married again and has children, which is good. Rory then tells him that she is writing a book and wants to put Dean in it and that he would be known as the best first boyfriend for Rory. Jess still has feelings for Rory, even though he lied to Luke about it but it gives us hope that they will end up together. Oh1 and Sookie coming back and the kitchen was filled with cakes but also Michael getting angry at her for being gone for so long and then eating his feelings by eating Sook'es granola. That scene with Melissa McCarthy was perfect, I wished to have seen more of her but unfortunately, it was for one day.

Oh, I am saving the best moment of all, the final four words "Mom" "Yeah" "I'm pregnant". WHAT! It was definitely a shock for me as it was to Lorelai but if you can see things clearer Rory is basically Lorelai and the father of her child, possible Logan, is like Christopher and Jess is like Luke. The circle of life. It's pretty startling but it's life it doesn't have a happy ending it just continues on. Even though we have closure for Lorelai, a new adventure for Rory awaits.

This episode I would consider to be my favourite, it had the bundles of happiness and sadness, and it also gave us a view of the future of what we hope would happen to the Gilmore Girls and the local townsfolk of Stars Hollow.

I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did. I am sorry if this was longer than the others, I tried to include things I liked the most and I end up forgetting other stuff that happened but I really should let you discover it. I wished there was more than four episode, I wished that they were longer even though they are 90 minutes each. It was satisfying and yet I want more of it.

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