Gilmore Girl Revival Photo Challenge (not really a photo challenge)


So on Instagram, in celebration for the Gilmore Girls coming back at the end of November, there is a photo challenge with 30 questions for the whole of November. I do want to take part but I would probably end up forgetting about it so I decided to answer each question here on my blog instead. I hope if you are a fan of the show, that you are looking forward to the end of November as much as I am. And Enjoy...

1. Fav Female Character

Lorelai, she is so understanding and I love her bubbling personality, her motherly instincts and her genuine care for others. I love her relationship with Sookie and Luke, AND I love her "bits" (if you don't know, watch the show!)
2. Least Fav Female
Sherry (Christopher's Wife). She was hardly on the show but she was pretty much an opposite character to Lorelai. At the beginning half of the season, I was a fan of the relationship of Lorelai and Christopher and with Sherry in the picture, it put a strain on the relationship. But then she left Christopher and her daughter to go to Paris for work. One of the thing that I have noticed is that Lorelai is able to take care of her child and work every single day while Sherry was incapable of doing both and favoured one duty to the other.
3. Favourite town spot

The Gazebo in the town square.
4. Dean, Jess or Logan

Jess! He was always my favourite. I did like Dean during the first three seasons and I liked Logan as well, I also liked how Rory was able to bring out a different side of Logan from the man who was introduced in the first episode. But my favourite out of those three men was Jess. He had the same intellect as Rory, they both read the same books, they were both compatible in many interests but it also brought out a bit of an adventure into Rory. He made Rory a loveable character (my opinion), but also he matured after he left Stars Hollow, he became a published author and worked in the literary business.
5. Fav male Character

Luke or Jackson. I loved Luke's personality and angry outbursts at Taylor. And Jackson is such a sweet doting husband to Sookie, one of my many favourite Sookie and Jackson argument would have to be, Season 3 episode 1 when Sookie decided to decorate the whole house to be more masculine and including frightening standing stuffed bear by the door to the kitchen.
6. Least Fav Male
Christopher, especially towards the last three seasons. I liked him very much at the beginning as an absent father, who would argue with Lorelai over which band was better but towards the last three seasons. His presence intruding Lorelai and Luke's relationship and ending up marrying Lorelai was crazy.
7. Fav Towns Person

Miss Patty. Any scene with her in is just loveable and especially when she is with her best friend Babette.
8. Revival Character your most excited to see

Sookie. I enjoy watching scenes with Melissa in and to hear that she was definitely going to come back was the cherry on the cake. She has such a lively personality, her many slips and falls in the kitchen, her constant arguments with her produce man/Husband and her being a great friend to Lorelai.
9. Best Kiss

"What are you doing?" "Will you just hold still?"
10. Java Junkie Moment

"How many cups have you had today?" "None" "Plus" "Five... buts yours is better"
11. Fav Quote

It's a lifestyle, It's a religion.
12. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter

I am an Autumn kind of girl but Winter in Gilmore Girls is the best.
13. Best Fight

Luke and Jess. "I pushed him in a lake" OR any fight between Luke and Taylor, they are always entertaining to watch.
14. Fav Season
Season 4. Rory starting Yale, Lorelai and Sookie setting up the Dragonfly Inn. Luke getting a divorce with Nicole. Sookie and Jackson having a baby. So many great things happen in this season and my favourite most of all. Luke and Lorelai finally kissing on the Season 4 finale. (but I cannot forget to mention Kirk running around naked because he believes Assassin's were going to kill him)
15. Least Fav Season

Season 6. I never really liked Rory at the beginning of Season 6, living with Richard and Emily, not in Yale, broken relationship with her Mum. The introduction to April (Luke's daughter). It was a new area of the show that I didn't particularly enjoy watching it unfold. The on and off relationship between Logan and Rory, Logan's family feeling that they are a lot richer than the Gilmore's (BUT the big massive fight between all the Gilmore's was the BEST Friday Night Dinner EVER)
  I think when Jess came back into town to tell her that he wrote a book and also being the voice of reason in Rory's messy situation, it really showed how much of an influence Rory was to him when they were together and how he gave her the push to get back at Yale.
16. Fav Kirk Job
The Pedicab driver or the dog walker. All the jobs that Kirk has done in town are funny.
17. Revival Pop Culture Reference Prediction
I don't have a preference as to what kind of Pop Culture Reference. Anything I recognise I will  be happy it's been included.
18. Saddest Scene

"I am ready to wallow now"
When Jess returns to Stars Hollow to pick up his car. He has to get his car fixed by Gypsy and has to spend the rest of the day in Stars Hollow. During that time he crosses paths with Rory twice before he sees her for one last time, he tells her he loves her and then gets into his car and drives off.
  NOW, I do NOT want you to mock me on this but every time I watch this scene I love that he confesses his feelings and every time I get a little teary-eyed.
19. Gilmore Girls Moment 

There have been many moments that I have enjoyed from watching the show. But the ones that have stuck out for me would have to be Season 1 Lorelai and Rory getting ready for work and school, making coffee and pop tarts. And also Season 3 when Rory tells Lorelai that Jess and Dean got into a fight at the party which was then raided by the police.
20. What New Job Should Kirk have in the Revival?
Taking over Taylor's Job
21. Fav Town Event
Stars Hollow Movie Festival

Kirk's film. Yeah.
22. Fav Episode
The final episode of Season 4, the official opening of the Dragonfly Inn. Luke and Lorelai finally kissing. Kirk's nightmares. And Rory losing her virginity to Dean.
23. Fav Couple

Sookie and Jackson. Probably one of the most adorable couples on the show and the relationship starting from Season 1 is even more loveable.
24. Underrated Character

Lane Kim, best friend to Rory and a huge music fan. I always loved Lane's scenes, her amazing hidden floorboards where she keeps her CD's, her love to be in a rock band and stripping away from her mother's shadow. She has had amazing storylines but it is overshadowed because of the Gilmores. Although I do have one question about the Kim household, where is Lane's Dad? Did Mrs Kim do something to him?  :/
25. Richard Moment

26. Fav Season Finale

Season 1. Love, Daisies and Troubadours.
With Max proposing to Lorelai with 1,000 yellow daisies, Rory telling Dean that she loves him. And right at the end when Lorelai and Rory see each other on the street and start running towards each other with the song Our Little Corner of the World by Yo La Tengo (Really good song) will always be my favourite.
27. Least Fav Season Finale
Season 5. A House Is Not A Home.
Rory's has been arrested. Rory's hopes and dreams are crushed by Mitcham Huntsberger. Rory decides to take a year out of Yale and with Lorelai not too keen on the idea, Rory runs to Richard and Emily for help and they agreed to help. The only thing that I was happy about in this episode is Lorelai proposing to Luke.
28. Best Holiday Episode

A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving. Lorelai and Rory decide to go to 4 houses on Thanksgiving and the whole episode is so funny. But not only that Rory and Jess's relationship on kissing in public is a bit embarrassing for Rory post break-up with Dean. But Sookie drunken babble is hilarious.
29. Something That Should Never Have Happened
Lorelai and Christopher getting married in Paris.
30. Your Prediction in the Revival
I want Luke and Lorelai to be happily married, I want Rory to be a writer

I am VERY SORRY that I have overloaded this blog post with pictures and gifs. I swear that this won't happen again. I had fun with this photo challenge.

Hope you are having a lovely day

See you soon



  1. Eek! I'm on season seven, and I can't wait to finish and go on to the new series. :-)


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