Book Haul No.18


I realised that I don't do a greeting on my blog posts and I just jump into the topic of the blog post, and looking back it seems a bit rude and I am sorry.

So, of course, another month has ended and payday has arrived, so obviously there will be a book haul (Typical). But before I talk about the books, I have a bit of an update in my life or book life.

For the last couple of months, I have had a pile of books by my bedroom door (sorry no picture), because I wanted to get rid of them. I'd come to the realisation (About June-Julyish) that the books I have been seeing on Booktube and automatically buying haven't been read or I have no interest in reading them, so I decided to give it away to charity. I know it's a silly to give away books that you might regret later on but honestly, I have no interest in picking them up or even keeping the ones that I have read.

Also, it has been a while since I have written a wrap-up here on my blog. It will be coming out soon hopefully at the beginning of November. The reason why it has been taking a while is because I haven't been reading as much as I've had in the last couple of weeks, there have been days when I don't even pick up a book. I am not rushing to finish the book, I have been focusing on elsewhere but also I have already achieved my reading challenge on Goodreads which was 80 books in the year and if you go and have a look now I am about one book to go into reaching 100 books.

Anyway, on to the book haul...

I have seen this book on Instagram and Booktube. I was mostly drawn to the cover because it was designed by Kerby Rosanes who is an amazing illustrator and has released his own colouring books. I wasn't sure whether to wait for the paperback to be released or just buy the hardback. So I got the hardback anyway.

I saw this book on Sanne's book channel (booksandquills), she did a video last week with her friend Lex on book recommendations for Halloween (see video here). This book seemed interesting from what I read on Goodreads and heard from Sanne. This book is set in a small town called Larkin Mills, it's in short stories of the townspeople in Larkin Mills. This book sounds interesting and I am intrigued to pick it up.   

Now I have been aware of Slaughter's books for a while but I haven't taken an interest in picking up any of her books. I was browsing in Waterstones one day, thinking that I should give the woman a chance.
This book is about two female cops in a 1970's hunting down a killer who has killed fellow cops. This book seemed to intrigue my interest the most and I have been wanting to read more crime fiction.

This is another Bookstagram buy, I have been seeing this book on Instagram, mostly on theguywiththebook (account here) he does amazing bookstagram photos and I am jealous of his floating shelves and his travel photos. 
From what I can understand from the blurb at the back of the book, it is about a man named Walter and he is intrigued by the mystery of the stories he has been told and seeks out to learn more about it. 

And the Author of the month is....

Agatha Christie!!!

So recently I read Murder on the Orient Express, which is part of the Hercule Poirot collection and I really enjoyed it (book review here.) SO I took a trip to Waterstones (I went in there twice, I am not that much of a big spender) and I was planning to get maybe one or two books but ended with more than I bargained. 

Three of the book are from the Hercule Poirot collection and four are from the Miss Marple Collection.

There are links to the book Goodreads pages, if you are interested in taking a look. 

Hope you are all having a lovely day

See you soon



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