Book Haul No. 17

Another collective of books to show you. My attempt to not buy books is obviously not working, I am a little upset with myself but at the same time I am thinking "I don't HAVE to read it now, I can read it later" I am basically buying books for future interest like "Ooh I feel like reading Murakami after this book" OR "Ooh I want to read this book right now" the hypothesis/excuse is ridiculous but I am not upset that I am buying too much. 

Author of the Month: Kelley Armstrong

It has become a running theme on this blog in the last couple of book hauls that most of the books I have been purchasing are by one single author. Last month it was Gail Carriger and the month before that was Haruki Murakami. It might happen next month and it might happen the month after that, who knows.

This month both reading wise and buying wise I have been obsessed with Kelley Armstrong. I used to read her books when I was still in Secondary school and I loved them, I was mostly in love with her Women of the Otherworld series. The series did end up becoming a TV series but only lasted three seasons but the show has ventured off from the books like most book to tv series adaptations. 

Bitten, Stolen and Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong (Women of the Otherworld)

I had the original smaller paperback copy but my copy of Stolen got very damaged and I decided to buy the newer editions. I already owned Spellbound and Waking the Witch in the newer editions and I also like the book covers more than the original paperback. 

This book is from a series that I haven't picked up from Kelley Armstrong, as from what I can tell from the blurb at the back it is about two sisters protecting their home from angry spirits(Sounds great :))

This is the first book from the Nadia Stafford series. I knew about this series for a very long time but I wasn't interested in picking it up. Nadia is a former cop turned assassin, she works for the mob family and has been hired to find a serial killer and stop him before he stops her. 

I picked this book up with another book that was on offer at Waterstones.

This book is set in Russia, it follows a girl Fedora who is a Wolff Wilder. A wolf Wilder is not an animal tamer but the opposite. She is in training to teach animals to take care of themselves, and to fight and to stay away from humans. 

(Cue theme song) I wasn't quite sure if I would get this book. A much as I love the TV series the book itself is very intimidating. But a friend from work has been reading the series and says that I would probably like. He did say that I can borrow his copy but I said it's fine and purchased my own copy. Not only that I also got the Audiobook on Audible, just in case I feel like listening to it. 

I read a review by Alisha (Reality's A Bore, review here)

This book follows a girl who is given an opportunity to meet the newest boy band and is entwined in a love triangle between two of the members. But what interested me the most was the mystery behind it. From reading Alisha's review,  it gave me an impression that the love triangle is not the main focus in the storyline but about a mystery that the girl is interested to find out. 

I saw this book on Shoutame youtube channel and I can't find the video where it is featured. 

The book follows two girls who were friends in High School but one went away, Nora. Nora is invited to Claire's hen night and secrets about their time in the woods are revealed. This sounds like a really good book to read during Autumn and I am planning to pick it up soon.

I was in the mood to read a chick lit book. 

This book follows a shop owner trying to keep afloat of the shop that belonged to her Father. One of the things she loves about working in the bookshop is the community of people coming in and out of the store. 

"Deep in the Hundred acre wood, where Christopher Robin plays, you'll find the enchanted neighbourhood, of Christopher's childhood friends"

I have always been a fan of the movie ever since I was a child and I have often wanted to pick up the books. This is the 90th Anniversary edition and it's beautiful.

I was unsure to get this book, I was waiting for the paperback version to come out but it has been a long time since the book was published. This book is in hardback but once the paperback version is released, I'll probably give it away. 

And the final book and this is a book that I have been waiting for a whole year for. 

I have already read the book and written a full review (see here)

And that concludes by book haul.

Hope you are having a lovely day

See you soon



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