Autumn/Halloween Book Recommendations

Halloween is arriving soon, coming quickly and unexpectedly. I love Halloween, especially movies and books. In this blog post, I will be recommending books that fit perfectly for the Halloween season as well as Autun itself. 

As well as Halloween coming up it's AUTUMN! I love Autumn, it's time to bring out the scarves and hats. And to snuggle up on the sofa with a good book.

This is the first time that I have ever done a recommendations blog post, so I hope you like it.

The Cainsville series by Kelley Armstrong

This is the perfect book around the Autumn season.This book is about mystery and solving crimes, it does have a spooky side.

This book follows Olivia, she has a great family, a terrific fiance and a happy life. Until she discovers that she was adopted and her biological parents are convicted serial killers. Olivia runs away from Chicago and resides in a small town called Cainsville, she meets her biological mother and is asked to look into the final two deaths that convicted her parents. She discovers that something is wrong and she is seeing things that other people don't. Olivia is paranoid about it but is able to confide in her mother's lawyer Gabriel about these weird happenings.

The town Cainsville itself is a mystery in the first book but once Olivia and Gabriel start to learn about Olivia's gifts, the reveal of the town at the end of Visions was spectacular. If you are interested in learning different types of magical folklore then this book is perfect for you as well.

The best I would describe this book is a mix between Veronica Mars/Once Upon A Time. It has that crime-solving side that is Veronica and magical-mystery town and local people from Once Upon A Time. One of the things that I like about this book is that there are no vampires and werewolves, it's more about the other lesser looked at mythical creatures.

Witches Of East End by Melissa De La Cruz

This is such a good book but the series itself (Ehh).

This book follows two sisters and their mother who live in a small town. These three women are witches, they have lived in that town for a very long time but they have been unable to use their magical gifts because of an event that happened years ago could get them into trouble. But someone else is making trouble and blaming it on them.

This book is so good, while the girls tackle their daily life they also deal with relationships on top of them using their magic. While the TV show did a good job in the first season, but it was the second season which flopped *cough* as well as the book *cough*. It is a really good book and worth having a try.

The Raven Boys Quartet by Maggie Stiefvater

This time last year I read the first three books of the series and fell in love with it.

The series follow Blue, she has been told from a young age that her first kiss with her true love, he would die. Blue lives in a house filled with magic, her mother and relatives are psychic but Blue is the only one who doesn't have any abilities. Blue meets some boys from the local prep school, The Raven Boys and they go on an adventure to search for the Welsh King.

This series is amazing, I was so obsessed with it. The book has a brilliant set of characters and an interesting adventure, while the magic in this book is not hocus pocus it is an enjoyable read.

We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirley Jackson

This book follows two sisters living in a big house, these two girls have lived in their family home for a very long time and are surprised that their cousin decided to stay over. But the local people in town are afraid of them, Things start to happen for these girls and it doesn't get any better.

This is such a consuming book, the story plot starts off quite slow and it gets quite mysterious towards the end, it is an interesting book and I was equally impressed with the setting and the characters. The book is about a house before it became a Haunted House, it's a very interesting concept and I really enjoyed it.

I haven't read another Shirley Jackson book yet but judging from this book and what everyone else is saying about them, I am interested in picking up the rest of her work.

Other books I would recommend:

Hope you are having a lovely day

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  1. AHHH THE RAVEN BOYS!! *flails forever* I absolutely love that series. Like soooo much omg and it just gets creepier as it goes along which is perfection. <3 I recognise the first two authors you mention too, but I haven't read those books! I should check them out. Nothing like a goodly spooky read, right?! :D

    1. YES! Spooky reads are the best <3 They are the best all year round but it's especially amazing this time of the year. Kelley Armstrong is fantastic, I have been reading her books since I was 13 and I love them. I haven't read any of Melissa De La Cruz's other series but I am curious, she is really good :D


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