Uncontrollably Fond (KDrama Review)

(Cue the water works)

Uncontrollably Fond follows Actor Shin Joon Young (Played by Kim Woo Bin) and Documentary Producer Noh Eul (Bae Suzy), the two met in high school but grew apart and are reunited as adults. Joon Young is an arrogant, selfless character, his mother hates him for not become a Prosecutor as he had planned when he was younger, he had no father growing up but knew his biological father and hoped he would meet him one day. Noh Eul is a kind, desperate character, her father died when she was young leaving her to take care of her little brother and provide him as a parent. She is in a lot of debt due to her father's death and scrounges as much money as possible to provided for her and her brother. 

Joon Young has been told that he is sick and has only three months left to live. Joon Young doesn't believe him at first but accepts it and makes a sudden change. He is desperate to find out if Noh Eul is ok, to reassure himself that she will be fine when he leaves but discovers that she is the lead producer on the documentary about him. Noh Eul hates Joon Young but soon her hate for him grows into a companionship into a relationship. 

AHHHHH!! I can't believe this drama is over :(.

I have been excited for this drama when it announced this time last year. It has been a while since both actors have been a drama and I was excited to see them both on screen. 

This drama is fantastic, I loved it so much. The acting performance from the lead characters was amazing, and you can tell how much work has been put through into making this drama. The storyline in this drama was a rollercoaster. There were so many ups and downs and a lot of funny bits in between, the characters interactions with one another, especially to the supporting cast, were fantastic. One of the things that happen in Kdramas is the storyline, sometimes its build up is great but when it reaches towards the end it, it immediately flops. But with this drama, it's fluidity throughout the whole drama is great. 

One of the things that I loved about this drama is the fact that the whole drama was filmed before it was released. Most Kdramas would film a couple of episodes before the release date and after hearing the reviews, the writers would change up a bit of the story plot to please the fans. But with this drama they filmed it start to end and I am satisfied with that. The filming started in November 2015 till April 2016. 

The music supported with this drama is fantastic, I have listened to the soundtrack to work constantly, there are some great songs that I definitely recommend (Playlist here. Just know there will be instrumental tracks) I particularly like Kisum and Lim Seulong - Finding Differences and Suzy - Ring My Bell and When We Were.

I highly recommend that you watch this Korean Drama, I have never cried soo much over a Kdrama than this one. 

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