Slowathon Readathon

I had recently heard about this readathon through Dana over on TheBookHoarder on Youtube and I started to look into it.

The readathon is hosted by Marlin Elina from her Youtube channel (Video see here). The readathon is a week long, from 12th-18th September. Marlin has even created a Twitter account with hashtags #booksnail #slowathon

She explains in the video that through every readathon it's always about quantity of books (The amount of books read in a certain amount of time) but with this readathon, it's going to be about the quality of reading. Setting a pace for yourself and enjoying the book you are reading instead of rushing to complete your goal. 

She has written some prompts which can help you with your reading process.

1) Read a book and mark it up! (Tabs, notes, underlining, etc.)
2) Create something inspired by the book you're reading! (Examples: write a poem, a song, do a sketch, a dance routine, a painting...)
3) Do a buddy read (with booktube or real life friends) and discuss the book!
4) Read a book out loud (to someone or just to yourself.)
5) Read a book that intimidates you!
6) Reread a book and compare your reading experiences.
7) Read a book and review it on your platform of choice during the readathon week.
8) Read a book, then read secondary literature on it. Or a retelling/variation of the first book.

I haven't decided what books I will be reading during that week. But with whatever book that I end up with that week I will mention it on Twitter or on Instagram, if you are interested in what I am reading. 

I hope you have a lovely day 

See you soon



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