Dragon Speaker (The Shadow War Saga) by Elana Mugdan (Book Review)

Born into a world of magic wielders without any powers of her own, Keriya Nameless isn’t exactly hero material, yet the goddess Shivnath chooses her to save the world’s last living dragon. She doesn’t know why it happened, and frankly she doesn’t care—this is her chance to prove her worth.

Unfortunately for Keriya, countless others are determined to get their hands on that dragon—everyone from smugglers to kings, from the Empress of Allentria to the most powerful warlord who ever lived.

It would be a perilous task for even the bravest of heroes, let alone a naïve 14-year-old-girl, and as Shivnath’s chosen dragon speaker, Keriya quickly learns that she’s at the centre of an age-old war . . . a war that will decide the fate of everything.

Goodreads Star Rating:4/5

I had received an Email by Elana Mugdan requesting if I was interested in reading Dragon Speaker.

This is such an amazing YA book to read. It has a variety of characters, from when we are introduced to them and how they are developed in this book is great and I am looking forward to reading the next book.

It is set in a world with magic and dragons, Keriya is a nobody, a girl who is outcasted by everyone in her home. She has been selected by a god to leave her village and find the last remaining dragon. Although the plan doesn't go well and two people from her village follow along in the journey. Her relationship with everyone is not that great, she grew up with people not wanting to be around and suddenly she is in the spotlight, people start talking to her and you can see how she reacts to it all. I very much liked seeing her growing relationship with the dragon, Thorian, he is a youngling very new to the world that he is in, both Thorian and Keriya start to bond and they learn things from one another you can see that they are comfortable with one another.

I do have to say that there is a love triangle, but it's not the main focus. While reading this book the love triangle didn't seem to be a love triangle, it seemed more that there are two people who are going to have feelings for each other but another party wants to ruin it because she wants the guy all to herself. I honestly think that the love triangle in this book is pointless, I think it does need to be there, I felt the third person in the book to be annoying and a bit of a crybaby.

The world that Elana created in this book is an amazing, it is very much close to our own world people are discriminating one another, people who are outcasted from the community and a war that doesn't seem to end.

I honestly thought that this is a great debut novel and first book in the series and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series (when it comes out).


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