Big Book Haul

16 books Steph, why are you doing this to yourself? I have a problem, a book buying problem. I ADMIT IT! But I am going to TRY to cut down on my book purchases(I can't guarantee it but I will try)

Shadow of Night & The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness

I have done a book review of A Discovery of Witches a couple of weeks ago and I had already planned to continue on with the series. I fell in love to Diana and Matthew and I am excited to continue on with the series. I also found out a couple of weeks ago that there will be a movie adaptation of the book, I am very excited for that. If you are interested in this book series my book review of A Discovery of Witches is here.

Ice Kissed & Crystal Kingdom by Amanda Hocking

After reading Frostfire (book review link here), I wanted to continue with the series. I am interested as to how the series will go.

The Vegetarian by Han Kang

I saw a book review by Max aka WellDoneBooks (Video here) and I was curious about it but also what interested me the most, was that this book is translated from Korean and it made me realise that I have never read a book by a Korean Author. It's a small book and I think I could read it quite quickly.

I got the audiobook last month and thought I should buy the book if I was really getting into it. This book follows a group of historians and time travel, judging from what I have read from the blurb. These historians go back in time and observe the facts from important moments in history. This book sounded really interesting and the cover looks amazing.

Police by Jo Nesbo

I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to continue on with purchasing this book after reading Phantom last year. And I got the book in a buy 3 books for £5 deal so...yeah. It is smaller than the rest of the series but I don't care.

Head Over Heels by Jill Mansell

I was in the mood for some chick lit and I had heard about Jill Mansell through one of Carrie Hope Fletcher's old videos. Head Over Heels follows a single mother hiding the identity of her son's biological father for years and somehow he is her new next door neighbour. It's got a bit complicated and so on and so on. Hopefully, it will be one of my summer reads this year.

An Offer You Can't Refuse by Jill Mansell

Another Jill Mansell book. I got this one and Head  Over Heels with Police in the 3 for £5 deal. This story follows a woman who was bribed from her boyfriend's mother to break up with him and she did. 10 years later they both see each other and the lead character tries really hard to get back with him. I have already read this book and I will give my opinion about it in my next wrap up.

Girl Up by Laura Bates

I had seen this book on another video from Carrie Hope Fletcher. I didn't think much of it until I saw the book in Waterstones. This book is all about feminism, it's all the information about it. I have started reading it and I am very much enjoying it. I laughed so hard when I saw the dancing vaginas. 

The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley

I had seen this book on Instagram(not sure which account I saw it from) and I was very curious about it. This book follows two brothers, one is mute and the other brother is his protector. There is a mystery behind this book and I haven't read another mystery/thriller type of book for a while and I am interested in getting into this one.

A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

The second book in the Shade of Magic trilogy. I really enjoyed reading A Darker Shade of Magic last month and I am very excited to pick this book up. I am also very very excited to the final book in the series A Conjuring of Light (*Gasp* the cover looks amazing), I am actually considering purchasing the hardbacks of these books because they all look amazing. 

The Rose and The Dagger by Renee Ahdieh

Another sequel to another series. I fell in love with The Wrath and The Dawn, and I am very excited for the sequel to come out. I believe that this series is in a duology which seems fair since the ending of this book left off with the main characters to separate which made me very angry because I didn't have the second book to carry on. I also recommend you listen to the Audiobook to The Wrath and The Dawn, I really enjoyed it and it was also helpful to pronounce some of the names correctly. 

Taste of Darkness by Maria V. Snyder

I recently finished reading Scent of Magic which is the second book to the Avry of Kazan trilogy and the book ended on a cliffhanger. I really enjoyed the book and I am excited to continue on with the series.

Hear The Wind Sing & Pinball by Haruki Murakami

A couple of book hauls ago, I purchased A Wild Sheep Chase by Murakami. I also found out that it is the third book in the series, I thought it would be easier to pick up the first two books before reading the third one straight away. This is a two-sided book, so on the back of the book is Pinball. 

The Girl in The Spider's Webb by David Lagercrantz

I already own a copy of this book, the reason why I got myself another one is because I wanted to have a copy that would fit with my Millennium Trilogy and my first copy is really big. I am not a fan of larger books, mostly because it's difficult to fit in with the rest of the other books on my shelf.

This book follows a couple of years after the third book in the trilogy. Lisbeth and Mikael have not seen each other for a long time and suddenly their paths are crossed through a murder. Both Lisbeth and Mikael are finding anything they can about this murder and a lot more secrets about Lisbeth unfold. I originally got the book in Thailand and I was very excited for this book to come out, that I raced to the nearest English bookstore the day it was released and purchased my copy. I have read this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I highly recommend this book to anyone.

Animal Farm by George Orwell

I received this book in a Giveaway. I follow a bookstagrammer named Saoirse Sterling(Blog here), I am a fan of her blog and she does amazing bookstagram pictures. She did a giveaway on Instagram for Animal Farm and I won, and I am so happy that I won something. This book is about these farm animals who want revolt and establish a society. I have heard about this book a few times through Booktube and I am interested as to why schools used this book in their lessons because I don't think I was ever learned anything about this book at school.

And that concludes this book haul. I'm trying to get out of this habit, it's getting too much and it's overflowing my TBR shelf. So next month, I will try to keep my purchases to a minimum and save for other things(whatever they maybe). So hopefully next month it will be a smaller book haul.

Hope you are having a lovely day

See you soon



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