Steph's Mixtape #4

It's been a while since I have done a post about music and there are so many artists that I am loving so far.

1. With Love, J by Jessica

Oh my goodness, it has been so long since I have heard music by Jessica in over 2 YEARS. After her departure with Girls Generation in 2014; I have been very, very excited with her solo album. And it's here. I have missed her singing voice for so long and branching herself into the fashion world was great after her departure. Personnaly I prefer Jessica's new album over Tiffany's which coincedently was released in the same month. My favourite songs from the album would have to be the title song Fly feat Fabolous and Big Mini World.

2. Spring by Akdong Musician

Another group who have returned after two years. The sibling duo are back and their music better than ever. I love the style of their music, it's very different to the typical kpop music, it has it's unique style which makes them stand out a lot more. The music video are amazing, as always by YG Entertainment. I really like listening to How People MoveHaughty Girl and Green Window.

3. Come Back, Mister OST

I had to include Korean drama soundtracks. This drama is AMAZING, so much fun, so many laughs and a lot of tears. The music in this drama fits perfectly to the story line. My most favourite would have to be Feel Alive by Topp Dogg(I have played this song soo many times and I am in love) and Even A Single Day by Kim Su Yeong (This is such an emotional song).

4. Entertainer OST

This Korean drama is still running and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Ji Sung returns after a year long hiatus and it's so much fun seeing him be the fun loving character he has played before. Anyway back to the music, only 6 songs have been played on the drama so far and I'm going to mention a few that I have liked the most. Tantarra by Gary(Leessang) feat Minwoo, To Your Dream by Suran; and Send Me Your Pictures by Gaeko.

5. Oh Wonder by Oh Wonder

I discovered their music through Dodie from doddleoddle, she did a cover of Drive which got stuck in my head for the rest of the week. Then did a little research and got the album on iTunes. I am in love. I mostly like Landslide, Body Gold and Drive.

6. Batman VS Superman Movie Soundtrack

Oh Hans Zimmer, music genius, you have out did yourself. I went to see the movie, by myself, a couple of days after it was released. I really liked the movie, I thought Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne is better than many of the other interpretations in movies and the fight scenes with Batman were amazing, very well choreographed and I am looking forward to the Batman solo movie. My most favourite score music would have to be Is She With You (Wonder Woman Theme) it's amazing and I am also looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie next year.

7. Descendants of the Sun OST

THIS IS THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA EVER. This drama was very well received and it was an amazing drama. The cast was amazing, the storyline was engaging and the romance was heartwarming. The music supported into the drama was magical and beautiful. I mostly enjoy listening to Always by Yoon Mi Rae and Everytime by Chen (Exo) and Punch.

These are the ones I have listened to quite a lot music since my previous post in February. Alot more Korean Music than the previous one but I have been in a Korean Drama binge love at the moment and all the songs in the drama I am loving so much. I have linked all the songs to videos on Youtube, if you are interested in having a listen.

Hope you are having a lovely day (although it has been raining all day today)

See You Soon 



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