More books (No.12)

Another collective purchase of books. 

I went into Waterstones recently with a list in my hand of the books that I wanted to get. I was able to find two of the books on that list but I wasn't disappointed with my purchase. 8 of the books I got in Waterstones (separate visits) and 5 of the books I got on Amazon. 

This book is in the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. I know that Sylvia Plath had a tough life and it was portrayed in the books that she had written, so I was curious as to what this book was about.

Mistborn, Mistborn, Mistborn. I have seen this book everywhere and I wasn't even sure that I would like this book. But I finally got it, just in case I do get interested. Hopefully I will get the chance to pick the book up.

I saw the book in Waterstones, knowing that there is a movie out, I thought "Why not? Go for it". I have heard really good things about this book and the movie, so I will look forward to that.

"Sing me a song, of a lass that it gone, say could that lass be I." I have immersed myself into the Outlander series and I have fallen in love with the show. I have been desperately wanting this book  for weeks. I am very excited about this. Also I found Clare's Funko Pop, soon I will get Jamie and they will be together forever.

I have seen this book on instagram soo many times and just thought "Why not? One more would be fine". I am unsure what the premise of the book is about but judging from the reviews it seems to be a good book.

I was not aware that it was turned into a book and I am very curious as to what extra stuff they have included.

I have recently seen this book on a few booktubers that I follow and thought I would follow along and see what this book is about. From what I can tell, it's a love story in World War Two when Hitler invaded Russia. 

So I recently finished reading The Diviners and I thought I would get the second book in advance so I don't have to wait for a long time to read it. 

AHHHHHHHHHHKJBVVKJSBBKJFKJKJBBJHC. It's finally here. I have been waiting for months for this book to come out. This series is a brilliant series and I am sad that it's about to end :(

This is a dark and twisted retelling of Jane Eyre. I am expecting great things from this book. 

So I recently read Prudence by Carriger and I really enjoyed it. I have been wanting to read this book since I saw it in a booktuber's video (Can't remember which one but there were a few) and thought I should try it out. This is Steampunk, which is a first for me, so hopefully I will enjoy it. Also I got this book second hand for £0.01, which  is so cheap, it was even an old library book.

The second book in the A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy. I was very indecisive on this book mostly because I enjoyed the first one but hopefully I will get to it soon. If you didn't see the sticker, this book is signed. (EEEPPPP!) 

Back in September I was speaking to one of the girls from the internship in Thailand. We were in Koh Samet and we were talking about books. She told me that she read this book and thought it was brilliant. I wrote the book title in my phone and never thought about it after. 8 months later, I go into Waterstones, saw the book on the shelf thought the title was very familiar and got my phone out. I scan the barcode onto Goodreads and it was the book that my friend suggested. 

And that concludes my book haul. So many books on my TBR shelf. I should stop buying books. And yet I don't. 

Links to their Goodreads pages are in the title, if you are interested to have a look.

Hope you are having a lovely day

See You Soon



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