Girl Of Myth And Legend by Giselle Simlett (Book Review)

A girl with a past she tries to forget, and a future she can't even imagine.

Leonie Woodville wants to live an unremarkable life. She wants routine, she wants reputation, she wants predictability. She when she explodes in a blaze of light one morning on the way to her college, it's enough to put a real crimp in her day.

And things only get weirder...

Leonie learns from her father that she is last of the Pulsar, a phenomenally powerful member of a magical species called the Chosen. It will be her sole duty to protect the Imperium, a governing hierarchy, from all enemies, and to exceed the reputation of the Pulser before her. So - No pressure there, then.

Leonie is swept away from her rigorous normality and taken to a world of magic. There, she is forced into a ceremony to join her soul to a guardian, Korren, who is both incredibly handsome and intensely troubled, a relationship for which 'it's complicated' really doesn't cut it.

But Leonie is soon to learn that this ancient world is no paradise. With violent dissidents intent to overthrow the Imperium, and dark entities with their own agenda, she and Korren find themselves caught in a war where the will have to overcome their differences if they are to survive.

Dare to dream. Dare to hope. Dare to be a legend.

Goodreads Star Rating: 5/5

I requested on Netgalley to get an arc copy of this book.


Hunger Games meets Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Or Shadowhunters, either one)

This book follows two characters Leonie and Korren. Leonie discovers that she is a Chosen and being a Chosen gives you the ability to control and harness magic. She is told that she is a Pulsar, which is considered to be one of the most powerfulest magical species. There are four different kinds but a Pulsar is the most powerfulest and they were killed thousands of years ago.

Leonie is excited and scared to be Chosen, She finds it fascinating but also terrifying. Since she is the last of her kind, she is treated differently and even the rebels want to get rid of her. Most Pulsars are also angry, filled with torment and just overly aggressive with their powers but Leonie is different, her power comes from the heart and her love for her friends and family.

Korren is somewhat different to Leonie. Korren is what is called a kytaen, who is a guardian/ familiar but with a soul binding twist. He has no interest in Leonie, he is rude and cold towards her but Leonie treats him with kindness and it surprises him. He has a lot of inner demons and he wants to be free from being a guardian. He tries to treat her differently by Leonie counter attacks it with her asking him to be her friend. I really enjoyed Leonie and Korren talking together, it's them bonding and it felt like they were perfectly matched together.

The Rebels and the people in the Imperium are a complete bunch of fucking idiots. One side wants to seize control of themselves and the other want more control. Through the eyes of Leonie and Korren, neither side is good. They have their own agendas and their ways of Law but looking from both sides, it won't work.

I felt the pace and world building to be magical (stupid pun I know), the characters are amazing. This book looks like it would fall into the category of typical YA fantasy books but it's completely different. Leonie is such a brilliant character and I am looking forward until the next book comes out.

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