Finished Reading (No 12)

Hey everyone

I have been organising my wrap up posts for a while now and I had decided to change on how I do my monthly wrap ups. The reason being for this change is because I feel the monthly wrap ups too repetitive and I don't want to write a blog post on two books that I had read in the month.

So every two months I will be posting my wrap ups, which will consist of all the books that I have read in the last two months and possibly a few book reviews in between.

Reading wise started off quite well in January and in February, it went down hill. So here are the books that I have read in the last three months.

So enjoy!


Insanity by Cameron Jace.
I have already wrote a full review of this book. You can find it here.

Jessica Jones: Alias Vol 1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos.

Goodreads Star Rating: 4/5 

I was curious about this series due to the amazing Netflix series. This was so much fun to read, it's very different to the tv series but I enjoyed it alot. I liked Carol, her best friend being there, Matt Murdock was a surprise for me. 

Goodreads Star Rating: 4/5

I had been very interested in this series due to my curiosity over Kate Bishop AKA Hawkeye. This does follow Clint Barton who is the first Hawkeye and his partner Kate Bishop. This was very funny, Kate and Clint have a very funny dynamic friendship, they can joke around with each other but can be very serious and professional. 

The Collector by John Fowles

Goodreads Star Rating:4/5

This one was a strange on for me. I won't go into much detail of the actual plot but it's a very dark and twisted story that I have never read a book that is similar to this one. I highly suggest that you pick this book up and see for yourself. 

Batman The Dark Knight Vol 1 Knight Terrors by David Finch, Paul Jenkins and Richard Friend.

Goodreads Star Rating: 4/5

Justice League Dark Vol 1 by Peter Milligan

Goodreads Star Rating: 4/5


Goodreads Star Rating: 5/5

This book was a re-read. I have read this book countless of times and I still consider this book as one of my favourites. If you don't know, this book revolves around a cold case into the perspective of a run down journalist. This book follows Blomkvist, a journalist, being asked to find out the true killer of a missing girl 20 years ago, soon finds himself in a whole deeper and darker side of the Vanger family. I thoroughly enjoy reading this book and I have intentions of continuing reading the rest of the series this year.

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard 

Goodreads Star Rating: 3/5

Did not enjoy this book as much as I had hoped. It was very slow and dragged too much but the ending made me what to get the next one. I did a full book review last month which you can see here.


Goodreads Star Rating: 2/5

This book took the entire month of February for me to read. I found it very difficult to read this book. I had heard John le Carre somewhere but I wasn't sure where I heard it from until I looked into my Dad's books and found many other books by him. He said that Carre is really good and he has enjoyed reading his books, so through the insight of my Dad I started reading the book.

I DID NOT LIKE THIS BOOK. I feel so bad to not enjoy this book, I had thought it was going to be a mystery thriller type of book only the tables turned to a secret spy novel. I am not much into a spy type of book (Unless they are by Ally Carter), so during reading the book I wasn't interested in the plot. The only character who I was mostly interested and wished that Carre did more with is the MC Jonathan Pine, he was so interesting and he only had a few chapters.

I know that there is a BBC TV series about this book starring Loki, God of Mischief from Thor. I had seen the trailer and was very interested in it. I should have watched the TV series and not bother with the book.

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

Goodreads Star Rating: 5/5

I already gave a full book review, which you will find right here.

The Healer's Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson

Goodreads Star Rating: 3/5

I had known that this book was a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin and I felt a bit disappointed with it. This book follows Rose who is a Healer in training, she is squeamish to blood and is very optimistic. She encounters two men in her life both brothers of a Duke and she falls in love with the eldest brother. Even knowing that he is betrothed to another women, she pushes down her feelings and move on.

The Rumpelstiltskin part of the story was barely even there, the story mainly focused Rose and her feeling for Lord Hamlin.

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Goodreads Star Rating: 4/5

I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved the characters and the crazy overly dramatic lifestyle. At times I was wondering what I was reading and at times I just got so invested into this book.

I really loved the running theme between the title and in relating to Elinor and Marianne.

I was watching an episode of Girl Meets World (Yes it's a Disney show and I am an screw it) and the characters were in their English class learning about Sense and Sensibility. They were learning that the Dashwood sisters should only think about their Head and Heart when it comes to love.

Hope you are having a great Saturday

I know I will be, I will be spending my afternoon watching Batman VS Superman at the Cinema.

Bye xx


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