Music Loves (No.3)

I have done two blog posts about some of the music that I have been listening to and I want to continue with it.

Note: I have a very strange taste in music, I like to listen to music from South Korea more specifically from Korean Dramas.

1. Kisum- LOVE TALK feat Hwa Sa of MAMAMOO

I found this song by accident and I really love it. Kisum is a rapper who was part of a variety show called Unpretty Rapper which was a show based on female rappers. This song has a very chilled tone of music, it's a perfect song to listen in the car or on a walk.

2. Sojin (Girls' Day) - Everyday With You 

This song if from the Korean Drama Reply 1988 which finished last month. I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. This drama follows the similar storylines of it's pre-successors Reply 1997 and Reply 1994. I really liked all the songs that were in the drama but I particularly liked this song the most. I highly recommend you check this drama out, it's very funny.

3. Kang Hyun Min - Such (feat Hyuna Jo of Urban Zakapa) 

This song is from another Korean Drama. It's called Cheese in the Trap, which started at the beginning of the year and it's soooo gooood, I am obsessed with this drama. It's based off a Webtoon with the same name and it's amazing. You should definitely check the webtoon as well, think of it as a Graphic Novel but smaller and on the internet to share.

4. Taeyeon (Girls Generation) - I feat Verbal Jint

Taeyeon is the most talented vocalists that I have ever heard. Leader to the 8 member group Girls Generations for 9 years and they are the most popular girl group and one of my favourites. For Taeyeon to release her own solo album is a huge step for her because alot of fans have been wanting for her to release one. Brilliant song, fits well with her voice and the music video is stellar. I particularly like how it's not filmed in Korea but somewhere with beautiful scenery. I do like her new song Rain which is completely different to the first one and is amazing.

5. Rachel Platten - Wildfire Album

I first heard Fight Song when the first trailer for Supergirl was released and I really loved it. I really love the song and I am in love with the album. My favourite song from the album is Lone Ranger, love it so much.

6. Jojo - When Love Hurts 

I mean it's been a long time since Jojo has released a single. I love this song soo much, constantly playing it on my ipod.

7. IU - Twenty Three

It has been a while since IU released a song. But this is amazing, it's very different to her previous songs and I love how she is trying out new styles in her music.

8. Selena Gomez - Revival Album

I am in love with her new album, I have been a fan of her music for a long time and hearing this album, I loved it. My favourite song would have to be Hands To Myself.

Those were a couple of favourites that I have been listening to recently.

Hope you have a lovely day,

See you soon xx


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