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I wanted to share with you on the TV shows that I am currently watching and what my thoughts are. If you haven't read my previous blog post then you may know a few Korean Dramas that I am watching so I will continue on.

Korean Dramas

Mom 2015 - This drama follows the lives of the Kim family. The Mother lost her husband when her children were very young and raised them by herself. The eldest daughter is already married with two children but during the drama and old friend returns into her life and causes fiction between her relationship with her husband. The eldest son gets engaged to a girl who likes expensive stuff, they soon end up working together in the same company building a company romance. The second son has a big dream of making money, at the beginning of the drama he falls in love with a rich girl only her Aunt refuses the pairing. It causes a lot of damage to him and his family but only one girl has been by his side from the very beginning . Lastly the youngest, her family has dreamt that she would be the doctor in the family but she decides to quit school and pursuit her dreams to be an actress. 

This drama is still currently going but has about 2 episodes left until the drama ends. It's a very long drama, lasting to 50 episodes. 

I Have A Lover - From the aftermath of losing their daughter, the married couple's (pictured above on the right) relationship wasn't going so great. The wife concentrated at work while her husband fell in love with a girl ten years younger than him. It escalated to a divorce. The wife was in a car collision which she lost all of her memories, the man who found her believed that she was a girl that he knew at school. She lived with that family for 4 years until she was reunited with her ex-husband and fell in live with him a second time.

This is a melodrama, so it has a lot more back story which stretches out for 50 episodes (yes, very much like the drama above). This drama is also ending soon but it's very good.

Madame Antoine - Imagine this...Male psychologist studying if love exists and a Cafe Owner/ Mentalist who pretends that the spirit of Madam Antoinette is speaking to her. 

This drama has just started and it is very interesting. 16 episodes long and worth checking out.


I have followed this show from the very beginning and I love it so much. I am a huge DC geek so you might know the other shows I am currently watching.

This show is soo goood. The effects are amazing, the cast are hilarious. So many jokes and easter eggs from this show that I squeal like a little girl.

Now a lot of people haven't been taking an interest in Supergirl, but I am telling you it is sooo good. The cast is fantastic, the fight scenes are really good. I flipped out when I saw Green Manhunter...sorry spoiler alert. I mean...come on...if you don't know who he should. But I am very much looking forward to the Flash crossing over onto the show, EEEPPP!!

This show is amazing! Teen Wolf is soo good. I just wish it was actually on a tv channel here in the UK. I feel that the show got more interesting since season 3, it was crazy. Enjoying the storyline at the moment, although it is confusing in some parts but I miss Derek Hale, hope he comes back.

And that is all the Dramas and Shows that I am currently watching. 

Hope you have a lovely day.

See you soon xx


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