My New Hair

So I wanted to do something different to my hair. I have been dying it brown for almost 3 years now and I decided on a change.

I have been on Pinterest a lot looking for ideas and I decided to get my hair ombred purple. 


Bleach 1.

Although something happened during my first visit to the salon. I had asked a friend from work to recommend someone who does her hair and made an appointment at that salon.

So I had my hair bleached twice and then the dye, but the dye didn't go through as planned. 

The purple came out only at the ends of my hair.

It's sort of went brownish/pinkish which wasn't what I had wanted.

Luckily she was able to fit me in a couple of days later to get it redone and it looks amazing.

It looks amazing and I love it.

I am very glad I made this decision.

If you were ever interested to dye you hair a different colour and you don't know how to do it then be very sure if you want to change your hair colour.

Hope you are having a nice day xx


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