Movies I like to watch at Christmas

Tis the season to stuff your face with food and lounge around in your PJ's

The Holiday season is here, as well as the season for SALE. At work, we are already having sale items delivered to the store and since I do delivery it has been very busy which also means longer hours and a very exhausted person(that would be me).

Now before I worked in a retail store, I worked at my local theatre and one of the reasons that I love about Christmas was a Pantomime, I love Pantomimes, they are always entertaining to watch around Christmas. I love how it is suited for Adults and Children. 

But my FAVOURITE thing to do at Christmas is to snuggle up on the sofa and watch Christmas movies. I have a Sky box in my house and there is a channel called Christmas24 which plays Christmas movies all day, and my sister and I would always go to that channel. So I am going to tell my favourite movies that I love watching around Christmas. 

1. Serendipity 

I am in love with this film, probably one of the films I have actually seen John Cusack in. I love the story about fate and destiny, believing if the world is telling you to be with this person then it's true. I think after watching this film, I started to believe in Serendipity myself and believe that I will find things if the world is saying yes.

2. Wallace and Gromit

This is a Brit classic. Wallace and Gromit is always played around Christmas. I don't have a specific favourite but I always liked A Close Shave more when I was younger. 

3. A Golden Christmas 2 & 3

I enjoy watching Christmas TV movies and I always find these two movies wherever I flip over to a different channel. I haven't seen the first one but I enjoy watching the sequels. Both movies follow girls with Golden Retrievers and they meet old boyfriends and rekindle there relationship. I am a sucker for romantic films and I enjoy watching cheesy romantic movies.

4. Mary Poppins 

I love watching Mary Poppins, it is such a great film to watch with the family. I enjoy the songs and story itself. One of my favourites to watch.

5. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe 

Love watching this film. I get very obsessive over Narnia and I got the entire book series (only I haven't read much of it) from my Dad at Christmas a couple of years ago. I enjoy watching this movie at Christmas and know that the actors who are in the movie are now older and don't look like children anymore. I am just waiting for the next film to come out, it's been ages since the last film came out. 


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