Book Wrap Up (No.9)

So recently I have changed my reading routine and have been reading a lot of books.

And with the change of routine I realise that I should change my wrap-ups here on my blog. 

I notice that I have been doing some changes but I am trying not to stick to a routine at the end of the month with piles and piles of books to share my opinions on.

So since my last wrap-up at the end of October, I have read a total of 12 books.

This was a re-read for me. I borrowed this book from the library in my hometown(I frequently went in there while I was at college). Thyme Out follows Perdita, she went through a very bad marriage at a very young age and she is independant, working as a gardener and selling her produce around town. Until her ex-husband happens to be the new chef at the hotel where Perdita delivers her veg. At the start I didn't much like Lucas because you are seeing him through Perdita's view but once they have hashed out their rocky marriage, I grew to like him a lot. 

I read Days of Blood and Starlight last month and I know I didn't give a review in my wrap-up blog but I just want to mention that I really liked this book. Dreams of Gods and Monsters was such a good conclusion to the trilogy. I loved Akiva and Kaoru in the final book, in the second book, Kaoru really didn't want anything to do with Akiva but in this book Karou and Akiva relationship grew back to what they were before, which I loved. 

I really enjoyed reading Red Queen. I liked that there are two different blood types- Reds and Silvers. I liked how the Silvers had abilities and how they felt to be more superior towards to Reds. Mare is a very strong but very naive character in this book, she is a Red but she also possess powers like Silvers and is being kept in the Kingdom and pretend to be a Silver when she knows she is not. A brilliant 1st book in the series and I very looking forward to Glass Sword.

The Goddess Test was a really good read, I liked the concept of Hades and Persephone retelling and I liked Katie, she was an selfless and stubborn character but in Goddess Interrupted she completely changed. What I mean is, is that she became a little whiny and needy which really irritated me and in The Goddess Inheritance, she didn't change much but I felt the last two books changed her a lot and the villain was a selfish girl who wanted to ruin Katie and steal Henry.

I love this series and I have already seen the new cover for the The Raven King and I've already preordered the book.
The Dream Thieves was an amazing sequel to the series, this book followed one of Raven boys, Ronan who has a strange dream ability. He is able to dream and take things out of the dream, but this book explains his gift a lot more. I also love Blue and Gansey destined relationship, it's growing like a natural relationship which is one of the reasons why I liked it. Blue Lily, Lily Blue was an interested book. We get to learn more of Blue's battery charging power for psychic's and the purpose of it, Blue has become a great character in this book and I love her. Her relationship with Gansey grows even better than the Dreams Thieves, they are talking to each other at night, even though they know about Blue's prophecy they keep the kissing out of it but even though they both want to, it just kills me to not have that kiss.

I really enjoyed reading The Elite and The One. America and Mazon's relationship is a very sweet and very cute, America becomes very confused and upset with her feelings towards Maxon, she has admitted to herself that she loves him but she feels very upset towards his relationship with the other girls in The Selection and you see America get very jealous. In The One, the last book wasn't a great conclusion to the series. America and Maxon kept arguing from The Selection and in the final book they were still arguing. There is a part near the end of the book where Maxon is very angry with her and his temper really came from his dad, The King, and it scared me. I haven't picked up The Heir but I have already read reviews and a lot of mixed reviews I have seen. 

Shadow and Bone was unfortunately not one of my favourite books to read. I had heard good things about this book and since I got the book last year, I knew I had to get the book but I wasn't enjoying as much as I had hoped. It felt as if I was reading Touch of Power by Maria V Snyder which had a similar story arch. I am not quite sure if I want to continue reading the series but I am very interested in Six of Crows.

And that concludes my wrap-up. All the books are linked to their goodreads account.

Hope you are having a nice day today.

See you soon xx


  1. Great Wrap Up!
    I've desperately been wanting to read Kiera Cass' series, but never get the chance to do so! Hopefully during the Christmas Holidays I get to catch up with all my TBR and get started with her books :)


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