Reading on Holiday

Now before I had left to Thailand, I was very ambitious to read 5 books. If you had seen in my Holiday Books post in July. You would think that 5 would be a good amount of books to read in the space of two months.

In total, I had read three books during my time in Thailand. Also I had purchased two more books while I was over there. 

Out of the total of books that I had brought with me, I had only read 2 out of 5(Shame on me). 

I think that if you compare me to my previous trip to Thailand 5 years ago until now, a lot has definitely changed.

I mean back then, all I wanted to do was stay away from the hot streets of Bangkok and sit with my book. I think that if I had spend some time away from air conditioned rooms, I would grow accustomed to the heat as I did this time. But during the school days, I wasn't in the mood to read anyway and by 10pm I got very tired without reading my book before bed. It was only after the final day at the school where I had more time to pick up my book and read.

I think being in Thailand this year was a big adventure itself. There were many things to do in Kanchanaburi and I was with people who were also interested in them, our weekends were filled with exploring as well as alcohol(Not EVERY weekend). 

I am not ashamed that I didn't read as much as I hoped but I am still glad I got the chance to go to Thailand and explore places that I personally have wanted to go, by myself or with other people.


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