The weekend in Pattaya would have to be my favourite weekend in Thailand.

My school was doing ANOTHER Sports Day and it was going to last for 3 days, we were expected to attend on the first day of Sport's day and then after that we could do whatever we want for the rest of the week. Meaning that I was going to have a very long weekend.

So my roommate went to Chiang Mai for the weekend while I go to Pattaya.

Everytime I go to Thailand, there will always be a week where I go Pattaya. And it felt wrong to not go. I had been wanting to go and I was glad for the opportunity.

It was a very long bus journey, about 5 hours I think, and I was already lost. When I got off the bus, I had no clue where I was and I ended up walking down the road only then I recognized where I was.

I was walking on the road where the hotel that I used to stay with my family. It was strange going back to places that you have remembered. You can't always tell that something is different and usually it's yourself because you are older.

I stayed at the Pattaya Holiday Lodge which is about a 10 min walk to Pattaya Beach. It was really cheap for 4 nights and the staff were really friendly.

The first day I went to see the Sanctuary Of Truth. This was one of the things that I haven't seen in my previous trips to Pattaya before. It is all built but wood and it's hand crafted. Once inside, you can see the tiny details on the walls and ceiling, you feel like your in a temple. 

I was given a helmet because once your inside the temple, there are people currently still building it.

Day 2: I went to the Big Buddha Hill(Wat Phra Khao Yai). Of course ANOTHER TEMPLE. 

The view of Pattaya Wat Phra Kaow Yai.

Spend some time sitting on the beach. Whilst you're sitting, there will be people coming by with clothes, food or all sorts of items and I always go for the food because it's so good.

I spent quite a lot of money while being in Pattaya and went onto quite a lot of motorbike taxis while there. I found it easier because I was by myself and it was quicker to get back to the hostel.

If you have not heard about Pattaya, it is one of the places where quite a lot of foreign men come. At a few street vendors you would see t-shirts that say "Good boys go to Heaven, Bad boys go to Pattaya" It's quite true and also that is where my parents met each other. 

If you like to party and drink, then the night life here is something to consider going.


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