October Wrap-Up

Ever since returning from Thailand, I was in need of a book catch-up.

And it was probably the biggest book catch-up I have ever experienced.

Basically I just chose whatever book I felt like reading, since the beginning of the year I wrote all the book titles in a jar and randomly picked what I should read. During the time of the choosing, I became very picky and pushed away many books that I put on hold and I decided to get rid of the jar.

Now I am not going to give you an in depth discussion on each and every book I have read this month because I know it would be very boring on your part. 

I have to say that this month has brought out my love of books and reading, I missed reading in Thailand and even though I could have had time to read the books that I brought with me but I wasn't much in a reading mood and I mostly enjoyed teaching and explore other parts of Thailand. 

I am pretty proud of myself this month, it feels nice to get back to reading. 

Now if you are interested in how I felt about any of the books above, go over to my Goodreads account and have a look. And if you have a Goodreads account, you can add me as your friend.

Hope you have a nice day wherever you are, although it's quite cold where I am.


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