Mother's Day in Thailand

So after the first weekend in Kanchanaburi, the following week on Wednesday was Mother's Day and the Day before the school celebrated.

The school was also visited by the local monks which we gave them food and drinks.

It was a lovely day to celebrate Mother's day but also very sad. From where I was seated with all the other teachers, a few of the students were sitting by us because their mother wasn't in the crowd or they didn't have any. It was a very emotional day. 

There was also a support for the Queen the following weekend. It was Bike with Mum, where most of the transport were with bikes and not cars. It was insane, the main streets were filled with people in blue tops supporting Bike for Mom.

In that weekend, I got to see my Mum and sister before they flew back to the UK on the following Monday, it was a really nice day to spent time with my Mum.


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