Last Day At School

It is unbelieveable that it has been 4 weeks since I finished my internship and left the school.

I keep looking back at the pictures, knowing I had a really good time and that I miss all those faces. 

On the night before, we went to our farewell meal and we were given so many gifts it was really nice.

Unfortunately it was raining that day and our morning Assembly was with the older kids.There is a video on my instagram where the kids sing the goodbye song. After waiting for Principal, we were given our teaching certificates.

I went to visit my first class at the school and had a class photo with them (Look at the cheeky person on the far right)

We went to the little ones assembly and said goodbye to them there. It was very sad :( but I got lots of photos with them.

After, we were then picked up and left the school :( 


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