The second weekend was a trip to Bangkok.

I thought it was a good opportunity to see my Mum and sister before they leave the following Monday.

We stayed at the Golden Palace Hostel which was a 10 min walk to Khao San Road. We all had our own secret quarters and I slept on the top bunk.

On the day we arrived, we all went to Khao San road. Now I am not much of a party girl, so I didn't drink much. I was also on medication from the vigorous mosquito bites, so I only had 1 bottle.

I don't particularly like Khao San road, I think it's because it is a backpacker street and you would see a lot more tourists hanging around.  

On the Saturday morning, I went to go and see my Mum and Sister. Everyone else was still asleep, so I tried to be very quiet. I met my Mum at the hotel and also with them was one of my cousins, we then went to Pratunam. Now I really like Pratunam, although it can be busy but it is a good place to get cheap stuff. I had spent the entire day with them, including chilling by the pool. And then went back to the Hostel.

The next morning, I joined the rest of the group and went to see the reclining Buddha (Wat Pho). The picture above is about Bike for Mum. In my previous post we had celebrated Mother's Day, Bike for Mum is part of it where all the transportation is mostly on bikes and that they all had to wear blue.



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