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October Wrap-Up

Ever since returning from Thailand, I was in need of a book catch-up.
And it was probably the biggest book catch-up I have ever experienced.

Basically I just chose whatever book I felt like reading, since the beginning of the year I wrote all the book titles in a jar and randomly picked what I should read. During the time of the choosing, I became very picky and pushed away many books that I put on hold and I decided to get rid of the jar.
Now I am not going to give you an in depth discussion on each and every book I have read this month because I know it would be very boring on your part. 
I have to say that this month has brought out my love of books and reading, I missed reading in Thailand and even though I could have had time to read the books that I brought with me but I wasn't much in a reading mood and I mostly enjoyed teaching and explore other parts of Thailand. 
I am pretty proud of myself this month, it feels nice to get back to reading. 
Now if you are interested in how I f…

Koh Samet!!

On the final week of my internship, we were transferred to Koh Samet.
The pictures above are beach photos, it was absolutely beautiful. I didn't explore much of the island, as after the first day I injured my foot. Myself and few people wanted to go snorkeling and see the sunset. So when I jumped into the water, I went into the water a bit far and my foot got cut by some coral, thankfully the captain of the boat cleaned it up.
It was an amazing 5 days to just relax but as the week was coming a close, I was very excited to go back home.

Last Day At School

It is unbelieveable that it has been 4 weeks since I finished my internship and left the school.
I keep looking back at the pictures, knowing I had a really good time and that I miss all those faces. 
On the night before, we went to our farewell meal and we were given so many gifts it was really nice.

Unfortunately it was raining that day and our morning Assembly was with the older kids.There is a video on my instagram where the kids sing the goodbye song. After waiting for Principal, we were given our teaching certificates.

I went to visit my first class at the school and had a class photo with them (Look at the cheeky person on the far right)

We went to the little ones assembly and said goodbye to them there. It was very sad :( but I got lots of photos with them.
After, we were then picked up and left the school :(

Final Weekend in Kanchanaburi

On the final weekend, before Koh Samet, I stayed in Kanchanaburi.
I chose to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool and it was amazing. I stayed in the Kanchanaburi City Hotel. My room was a large bed, waterfall shower, soft blankets and pillows and a really nice swimming pool. What was also cute was that the towels were shaped as elephants with their trunks kissing (so cute)
On Saturday I went with two other girls at the internship to go to the Safari Park.
We got to play with the cubs, feed giraffes and monkeys, play with big cats and had birds on my arm.
I was so much fun. If your interested in going, ask a taxi driver for the Safari Park and he will take your there and back for 600THB for the whole journey.

There are some more pictures and videos on my instagram if you want to have a look. :)

Bangkok Part 2

So I went to Bangkok again and it was more of a chill weekend in the city.
I stayed in the Nana Hotel, the same hotel where I was at when I arrived to Thailand. I was staying on my own and I was also an area I was familiar with.
On Saturday, I went to Pratunam and spent quite a lot of money. And spent the rest of the afternoon, sitting by the swimming pool. 
On Sunday, I thought I would go and see Wat Arun (Pictures below). 

It was really beautiful and I had to wear something around my shoulders because there was a certain ceremony and there were quite a lot of Monks walking around, so I tried really hard to avoid them.


The weekend in Pattaya would have to be my favourite weekend in Thailand.
My school was doing ANOTHER Sports Day and it was going to last for 3 days, we were expected to attend on the first day of Sport's day and then after that we could do whatever we want for the rest of the week. Meaning that I was going to have a very long weekend.
So my roommate went to Chiang Mai for the weekend while I go to Pattaya.
Everytime I go to Thailand, there will always be a week where I go Pattaya. And it felt wrong to not go. I had been wanting to go and I was glad for the opportunity.
It was a very long bus journey, about 5 hours I think, and I was already lost. When I got off the bus, I had no clue where I was and I ended up walking down the road only then I recognized where I was.
I was walking on the road where the hotel that I used to stay with my family. It was strange going back to places that you have remembered. You can't always tell that something is different and usually it's yourse…