Thailand Blog Part 2

My school was called Khao Din. It was quite a large school with Primary and Secondary students in total and also the adorable kindergartens.

The school is located outside of Kanchanaburi town, which is a 20 minute bus journey into town. And Tha Muang about 10 minutes away via car. But also my school was by a main road, so there weren't a lot of activities to do near the school. We were pretty much secluded.But I loved this school and the staff, especially the children.

The first week of arriving at the school, myself and my roommate were told that it would be Sports day for the last two days of the week. 

Sports day in Thailand is very different to the one that I am used to know. 

1. It is not just one day
2. It's not Athletics like High Jump and 200 metres sprint. It's Volleyball and Football.
3. It lasts for the whole day
4. They do a parade where the students get dolled up and some of the kids are 5 with black eyeliner.

The whole school participated and even the director of the school helped the kindergartens dancing, which was adorable. 

All the students were divided to 4 groups. There was Yellow team, Pink team, Blue team and Green team. 

Now I am not quite sure which team won (as I didn't watch many of the matches on the second day). But it was fun being there and seeing all the students dressing up was adorable. I took too many photos that day but I will only share a few.

Also, on the second day the whole school had to walk to the school, on the side of a main road for their parade. It was quite far and we were told to walk with them. 


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