Long-awaited Catch-up Part 1


I am back on UK soil and the English weather welcomed me with it's cold presence. I am very sorry for the long silence, being in Thailand was such an amazing experience. 

If anyone has ever been interested in Teaching abroad, do it now. It is so much fun and you get a chance to explore places that are touristy and non-touristy. But overall it was amazing.

I am still dealing with jetlag but hopefully soon I will be able to start blogging again.

So I will catch-cup with you.

I spent three days in Bangkok with my Mum and Sister, we didn't do much. We only went to Pratunam and did a bit of shopping. On one of the three days, we took a day trip to Dreamworld. My sister was the one who wanted to go there and she is a person who loves going on rides. Now since My dad is usually the person to tag along with her and with him not being with us, including the fact my Mum doesn't like rides, I was the substitute. The rides weren't that great but they were fun. 

(Part of the theme park was Snow World, I got a Snow World snow globe which I love)

(Odd sign for toilets but funny)

We went shopping on one of the days and I only purchased a few things. I was feeling a little poorly that day and didn't particularly do much. It was more of a relax three days with my Mum and sister, but the adventure started after that. 

On the Friday morning of the first week I was dropped off at the airport to then be transferred to Ayutthaya. It was a long trip but I had arrived at the Hotel and it was amazing. it was very glamourous than I thought it would be. Although being there for a few hours had already made me miss home and even missing my Mum, I had even wanted to go home. I think what made me feel better was seeing my Mum before she had to go back to the UK.

The first night the whole group were invited for a meal at the hotel we were staying but also a lot of people were scrounging for Wifi, which came as a first priority. It was a good first night, more stories to come.

To be continued...


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