27th and 28th July 2015

15:41- Helsinki to Bangkok

I am currently on the plane to Bangkok now and I haven't had much time to get my laptop out.

This morning, myself and my family (minus little brother) took a 2 hour journey to Heathrow Airport to take my connecting flight to Helsinki.

Checking in was fine, and the wait to board the plane was about an hour and a half. As soon as we passed security checks, we immediately went somewhere for breakfast. While my mum and sister went for the traditional breakfast, I picked pancakes and they were lovely.
As soon as we got on the plane, disaster struck. There was a delay with the baggage so we had to wait and it took about hour until we were officially in the air.

I started reading Poison Study by Maria V Snyder and went through quite a lot. Although there was one passenger who really annoyed me the most. Obviously he was European, judging from the accent but he wasn't too happy with the delay, while on the flight he would talk none stop to one of the other passengers and he had 3 mini bottles of champagne (he was very tipsy when we land in Helsinki).

 So at the moment I am currently in a seat that isn't assigned to me. As I reached to my seat, a man was standing by and when I said to him that my seat was in front of him, he asked if it was Ok for us to swap as he wanted to sit with his family. So as a kind person I am, I said yes but also I don’t have someone sitting next to me, I have both seats for myself (Yay!).

28th July 2015- 3:32pm-Bangkok

So we are here. Just a moment ago I had a 2 and a half nap as I didn't get much sleep on the plane.

During the flight was ok, I ate the food but during the whole flight (both flights) I had been feeling under the weather. I don’t understand how but I think I had motion sickness or something because I felt very tight in my stomach and kept passing wind(sorry too much info for you), also my mum was having the same feeling as well.
As soon as we got off the plane, dealt with immigration and quickly collected our luggage it was time to go to the hotel. Once we found a taxi we were off. I first noticed a lot of palm trees, now you don’t see a lot of them in the UK at all. Then it was a car journey of hell. Now I never noticed that the speed limit was 80mph but thankfully the taxi driver wasn't driving that fast, it was the cuts and lane changes that made me hold on for dear life.
When we arrived to the hotel, quickly filled in the forms and arrived into the room. We quickly changed and went out. First stop was the Post Office, not sure what was in the package my Mum needed to send. Then we walked to find Mum’s bank. Thankfully, my Mum has given me her card to spend for my remaining trip for two months, it took a while to complete the transaction.

We then started looking for a place to eat but many of the restaurants didn't open, so we quickly did some shopping for shampoo and toothpaste. So since there were no restaurants opening, we decided to go back the hotel and have Lunch there. During the time, I felt very sluggish and tired. So after eating, I went straight back into the room and had a nap.
I didn't get much sleep on the plane which is why I feel a bit jet-lagged.


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