One Week Until Thailand

So next week I will be on a plane and heading to Thailand. I am very excited and also very nervous. I have been to Thailand a couple of times with Family. Even though I will be with my mum and sister for the first 3 days but I will be spending 2 months with people I don't know and in a town that I am not familiar with. It's a little scary to know that I am going to be independent while I am there.

My suitcase is nearly packed and I have already picked books that I am planning to take with me(4 is my limit). My dad has keeps telling me that the suitcase is too big and I should take a smaller case with me. But I am not taking too much(it's a lot but I will take some clothes out)

Everything else has been taken care of and all I have to worry will be when I am there. I won't know which school I will be going to until I am arrive in Kanchanaburi. 

I am going to try and blog as much as I can while I am there.



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