My Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday. I am officially 22 years old. 

I didn't get any presents, I just mostly got money from both of my parents. Initially, the money will be used in Thailand but I couldn't risk the temptation to pop into Waterstones and I left the place with 3 books and a planner. 

But I also bought myself a travel bag, it's a pink flamingo 3 in 1 make-up bag that I am planning to keep toiletries in.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I have heard about this book via Youtube but it didn't spark my interest when I first heard of it. As time went by, I became curious about it and when I saw the book in the shop I had to buy it. 

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. This book became a bit hit in the world of Booktube. At first I thought the book was about The Red Queen from the Alice in Wonderland but when I heard the synopsis it struck up an interest. I didn't want to immediately buy the book so quickly, I ended up waiting for the book to be paperback and less big (I prefer my book to be the same regular size than the larger ones.) 

The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen. I saw the book on Katytastic and was curious about the story. Initionaly I had no intention of getting the book but when I saw the USA cover.I really wanted the book in my hands. I link I like the one below more than the UK cover more.

I like this cover more but I am satisfied with the one I have already.

Before I was about to pay, I saw an employee with a stack of this book and literally did a u-turn to get one off him. 

With the rest of the books, I purchased myself a 12 month planner. I thought the book would be useful for school and also I am not really liking my current on now.


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