Book Problems: Paperback sizes

Note:This blog post will be a rant about how ridiculous paperback book sizes have to be. 

As a girl who likes to read and buys lots and lots of books, you get a little annoyed if the book you want does not match to the rest of your collection. 

I have bee trying to do an author buying catch-up. As you might have read in a previous book haul that most of my purchases are by one author, Katie Fforde. I am nearly there and I only have one more book to get until I have caught up. 

This book is A Vintage Wedding, this book was published February 2015. 

When the book finally arrived, I noticed the packaging was a bit larger than I expected.

It turns out that this book is two times bigger than a regular sized paperback book. 

Using two of my other Fforde books as an example, you can definitely see the difference. 

I have never had a problem with different sized books, usually most of my paperbacks are the regular size like A French Affair and I would occasionally buy the size that is like Going Dutch but this is the first time that I have ever received a book that is larger than I expected.

You would probably think that I am going to return it and ask for a refund. But I can never abandon a book just by my dislike of the size, it's like leaving a dog on the side of the road and never coming back. 

This isn't a complaint but a simple annoyed anger that I wanted to share. 

If there are any books that don't match with your ones, then you are not alone.

Hope you enjoyed this little book problem and I will see you in another blog post

Happy Reading xx


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