My "Katie Fforde" Obsession

So many of you book lovers have favourite authors. So you would buy their books, but what you haven't noticed is your huge collection of books by that Author.

Recently, I have been organising my bookshelf (it's not really a bookshelf but it's what I turned it into) and I wanted to add some books on the shelf and take some off. 

There were some books that I had put in a box and I kind of felt sorry towards them, so I gave them a new home. 

So I have an obsession with a British Author called Katie Fforde. I first read her book Going Dutch in Secondary School and fell in love with Fforde's writing. Soon after I became obsessed with her books and started getting more of hers. 

My most favourite book by Katie Fforde is Wedding Season, I think I have read that book about five times. 

Katie Fforde style of writing is lovely, filled with wit and laughter. Her writing reminds me of  Spring. Light, fresh, filled with happiness and smiles. Just a brilliant writer and I love her books.

I have a total of 16 books by her and I have still got some of her other books on the way(I am kind of mad that they haven't arrived yet)

The great thing about Fforde's books, is that all of them are Adult Contemporary Stand alone novels. Fforde's characters are all different, some are young in their 20's and some are in their 50's. Each book is unique to one another. 

I highly recommend you buy one of her books, it doesn't matter which one but I can guarantee that you will love her books.

Fforde's books are perfect reads for the Spring and Summer.

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Reading xx


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