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April Wrap-Up

I am back with another end of the month wrap-up.
I haven't been reading much, the rounded total of books that I have read this month is 5 (which I am not fussed about).

The Rose Revived by Katie Fforde. I have already done a book review of this recently and you can see it here.

The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin. This is the second book in the Mara Dyer trilogy. Published in February 2013. Goodreads Star Rating: 4/5
After finished The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer back in January, I was very curious as to how the series progressed and this book didn't disappoint me. I felt very upset for Mara because of her extensive watch on by her parents and it seemed that Mara was completely out of her mind at parts of the book. This book was like a horror mystery, you could never know who Mara should trust and knowing that her ex-boyfriend(back from the dead) is closely watching her. 
I have the third and final book in the series, but I am taking my time to pick it up. 

The Winner's…

The Rose Revived by Katie Fforde

I haven't done a book review in ages and I haven't had the time to write one. 
So I will be reviewing The Rose Revived by Katie Fforde.
Published in May 2003, This is Fforde's second released novel.

If May, Sally and Harriet didn't need the money so badly. They definitely wouldn't be working for Slimeball Slater at Quality Cleaners. So when they discover it's Slimeball taking them to the cleaners, they decide to set up their own business - and that's when things really start to take off.
Working for themselves gives them the freedomand independence they've been longing for. May can afford the mooring fee for he beloved narrowboat;Harriet discovers a true gift for painting and Sally's dream of a place of her own is fast becoming reality. But is it too much, having much success of their working lives, to expect similar success in their romantic ones?
Goodreads star rating: 3/5
I have been a fan of Fforde's book for years and just recently, I have been…

Music Loves (So far)

Hey guys!
Apologies to my absence as I have been busy with my online course and I am very happy to say that I passed (Yay!!) three months have finally paid off an I am ready for my adventure to Thailand. 
So since I haven't been posting much about books, I thought I would go on my favourite passed time which is music. 
I did a post about my favorite music in September but haven't updated it lately. 
This will be a mix of English and Korean music. 

See you again by Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth
This doesn't need an explanation as to why it's in this blog post.
I have been a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise since film 4 was released. I love the humour, I love the high speed chase and I love the bond the Fast and Furious family has. As a fan of the franchise and finding out about Paul Walker's death, it surprised me, I didn't believe that it happened and this song was a perfect for him. I have seen the film and cried, it was a perfect send off for Paul's character…

Ridiculous Pre-ban Book Haul (Jesus christ Stephanie)

I confess that I purchased way too many books. I admit that.
But also I have been pre-occupied with my online teaching course and I haven't had the chance to read.
So I have decided to ban book buying (I wonder how long that will take). It is not just because of the books, but also I am going to Thailand in July for two months and I need to savour my money and limit my amount of purchases. 
Hopefully I will succeed my challenge.
So on to the ridiculous pre-ban book haul.
I have a total of 15 books to show you.

Oh dear... one too many books. 
TBH I have never purchased so many books like this before. The only limit of book purchases would be at least 3 books. But since I have been watching booktubers and other book bloggers, I always seem to be wanting the books that they have. This is why I need to stop.

Keeping The Moon, Dreamland and The Moon and more by Sarah Dessen. 
I have been in love with Sarah Dessen and her books.I started reading her books when I was 15 years old and I have not s…

My "Katie Fforde" Obsession

So many of you book lovers have favourite authors. So you would buy their books, but what you haven't noticed is your huge collection of books by that Author.
Recently, I have been organising my bookshelf (it's not really a bookshelf but it's what I turned it into) and I wanted to add some books on the shelf and take some off. 
There were some books that I had put in a box and I kind of felt sorry towards them, so I gave them a new home. 

So I have an obsession with a British Author called Katie Fforde. I first read her book Going Dutch in Secondary School and fell in love with Fforde's writing. Soon after I became obsessed with her books and started getting more of hers. 
My most favourite book by Katie Fforde is Wedding Season, I think I have read that book about five times. 
Katie Fforde style of writing is lovely, filled with wit and laughter. Her writing reminds me of  Spring. Light, fresh, filled with happiness and smiles. Just a brilliant writer and I love her books.