Love, Rosie Movie Review

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This is my first movie review.

This post will be about Love, Rosie starring Lilly Collins (Abduction, Snow White and the seven dwarfs) and Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games and Snow White and The Huntsman) 

This film is based off the book Where Rainbows Ends by P.S I Love You writer Cecelia Ahearn. 

The film is about two childhood friends growing up and separating their lives into other relationships. But the film is about the friendship between Rosie and Alex, and the confusing factor... Can friends be something more?

My personal view of this film is that I liked it. I didn't hate it. There were many changes from the book to the film but I am not judging what was put onto screen. 

When I saw the film trailer, I was very curious about the book and I am very happy that I read it. As I said earlier, there were many changes to the final script. 

The film follows Rosie in the most part of the film, as she has a bigger character development. She starts as a teenager, then becomes a mother and then succeeding to complete her dream and I really liked how Lily portrayed her. 

Alex's character development was lopsided, the writers did take a lot of things away from him. For example, his relationships with Sally and Bethany were short lived. In the book, he has children but the film never reaches to that point. I was a little upset but I liked the change in the film. 

Both Rosie and Alex are the eldest child in their families in the film, when in the book they have an older sibling who they confer into. I am not upset about it, if they included them in I would have liked it. 

The part that I loved the most would be, that the film only spanned about 25 years of their life together, while in the book they end up together in their 40s.

The film was light hearted, funny, romantic and just a great film to watch. This film was enjoyable and I would definitely watch it again. 

If you haven't seen the film yet, go and see it. You don't have to read the book before the film but it is still your choice.

I also did a book review last year if you would like to read that the link is here

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