Kill Me, Heal Me

So recently, I had finished watching Kill Me, Heal Me. This is a Korean Drama and I have been obsessed over them for 4 years now. 

This drama is about a 28 year old man called Cha DoHyun with D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or Multiple Identity Disorder. He is the third generation chabol in his family's company and has kept his disorder from then. After a traumatic event that occurred when he was a child, Cha DoHyun lost his memories and in order to not feel the emotional pain, he created 6 different personalities. 

He meets a psychiatrist, Oh RiJin, through one of his personalities who has a close attachment to her. She discovers about his disorder and keeps it a secret. She is then asked to be Cha DoHyun's secret physician and tries to help him cope with the people sharing his head and help him with his forgotten memories. 

Shin SeGi is the dangerous but more emotional personality. He has a strong feelings towards Oh RiJin and has tried many times for her to love him and not Cha DoHyun. 

Perry Park is the oldest personality. He likes to drink, dance and makes bombs (yes, you read that last part right).

Ahn YoNa is a teenager who loves boys and ignores school. She is obsessed with Oh RiJin's brother and has many fights with Oh RiJin. 

Ahn YoSeob is Ahn YoNa's twin brother, He is artistic and very intelligent but has also thought of suicide. He is opposite to his sister, she is more outgoing and lively while he is the quiet one. 

NaNa is a 7 year old girl, you don't see her through the whole series. The only knowledge of her appearance is a teddy bear and drawings. 

And lastly, Mr X. Mr X is a mysterious personality and you only see him in the very last episode. 

 I fell in love with this drama. I have seen the two lead roles in another drama and was very excited for their reunion. Ji Sung (Cha DoHyun) portrayed all of those characters perfectly, I just loved watching him. I have seen him in Protect The Boss and Secret. I know that Ji Sung is a very passionate actor and you can definitely see in his character roles. Hwang JungEum (Oh RiJin) is a fantastic actress, I haven't seen a lot of her previous work but I love how she captures emotion in all of her roles.

This drama was filled with comedy, drama and romance. I loved the story arch and how the Cha DoHyun and Oh RiJin tried to solve their memories, how they grew to love one another and also deal with the re-precautions from one of the personalities. 

I loved how they met, through Shin SeGi. He made a big impression on Oh RiJin in the first episode, which she then discovers he has D.I.D. and offers to help him. 

I was impressed Ji Sung's acting ability in this drama. He took on a big task by not play one character but seven and I will definitely applauded him for that. I loved how he changed his voice for each of the personalities, it brought all of the characters alive more. 

When it came to the finale episode, I cried (A lot). I liked how they concluded with everything that happened. I liked how the writers created a touching and emotion farewell to all the personalities, I specifically liked Shin SeGi's departure, I couldn't stop crying over his last scene but it was a great conclusion to have Shin SeGi to be the last personality to go. 

I would definitely watch this drama over and over again (if I wanted to). 

Ji Sung and Hwang JungEum previously worked together in a melodrama called Secret in 2013. The arch of Secret is very different to Kill Me, Heal Me but on both shows, they both work perfectly. 

Secret was a lot more darker than any of the other melodrama that I have watched before. I loved the two leads and the story line and I would recommend you to watch it.

If you have never seen a Korean Drama before then I think you should give it a go. I instantly became hooked on watching KDramas and love watching them.

I hope you could get the chance to watch this drama,  if you are interested. 

See You Soon ;) xx


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