My Trip to Thailand This Year.

For the past 2-3 years I have been contemplating on the option to teach. And I don't mean in a school in the UK. I mean in another country. 

It started with an obsession with South Korea, and how I was sucked into Korean Dramas and Music that made me want to go there.

My mum was the one who gave me the idea. Teach English in another country. I thought it was a brilliant idea.

So I started looking for courses that I could take to become a teacher. 

I went to UK-TEFL 2 day course and I had lots of fun and learnt so much. And so the search for a job started. 

It took FOREVER and it wasn't going the way I had planned out.

Soon then I couldn't teach in South Korea because they require experience (Yep...Don't have that). So I looked somewhere else.

Long story, short. It wasn't going anywhere and I gave up and pushed it aside for a year.

But something changed after my Drama teacher passed away. I kept thinking, if he could go to places that he wanted to go. Then obviously I should take a second chance on the travelling.

So that was when I found Love TEFL. The company offers internships, ones who have no University degree and little experience as a teacher. And as of the beginning of the year I am going to Thailand to teach for 2 MONTHS!!

I thought Thailand would be better as my Dad feels comfortable and knowing that I have family there is reassuring. 

I will be going in July this year. I will travel with my Mum and Sister, who are going to Thailand at that time, and then I leave them to start my adventure teaching.

I am unsure if I can get time to blog about any of it. But it is a long road to get there yet.

At the moment, I am trying really hard to complete the On-line course and I think it's going well, I hope.



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